Top Crete Hotels

Pergamos Village
Pergamos Village

Kolymbari, Crete

from €238pp
Porto Platanias Beach Resort
Porto Platanias Beach Resort

Platanias, Crete

from €403pp
Blue Bay Resort & Spa Hotel
Blue Bay Resort & Spa Hotel

Aghia Pelagia, Crete

from €620pp
Hersonissos Village
Hersonissos Village

Hersonissos, Crete

from €665pp
Mitsis Laguna Resort
Mitsis Laguna Resort

Anissaras, Crete

from €1477pp

Maleme, Crete

from €179pp

Captivating Crete Holidays

As the largest of the Greek islands, Crete has its own unique identity in more ways than one. With their own cultural traditions and characteristics, the locals are immensely proud of their island which is home to the first recorded civilisation in all of Europe. Naturally, history is a big part of life here but there are still plenty of other thrills from the modern world to enjoy; perfect white sand and warm waters to bask in, mysterious caves and gorges to explore, delicious traditional food and an energetic, vibrant nightlife. With a flight time of just over 4 hours from Ireland, Crete holidays will not disappoint.

Things to do in Crete

To get the best of what the island has to offer, four essential things to do in Crete are the Samaria Gorge, the ruins of Knossos, the beaches of Rethymno and the Dikteon Cave. Samaria Gorge has truly spectacular scenery and is ideal for trekking with your camera to hand. The ruins of Knossos can easily take a day to explore; though having a tour guide will make things easier and give a better insight into the history of the ruins. Rethymno’s beaches are easily the best on the whole island and much more peaceful than those closer to Hekalion. Step into the cradle of legend that is the Dikteon Cave, the fabled birthplace of the Greek God Zeus, and explore the maze of otherworldly stalactites and stalagmites.

After all that, there is no better way to enjoy the remainder of your Crete holiday than tucking in to some tasty local cuisine, strolling through a picturesque town and enjoying the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Replace your usual Friday night pint with a cocktail in Crete today with!

Vibrant villages, timeless towns

The best beaches and nightlife are along the island's north coast. Heraklion is the capital and is the most happening spot to choose if you want to party after dark and recoup on the sun-drenched beach. If you’re looking for a group holiday destination, the vibrant town of Malia is another great option. Further inland and along the east and west coasts, you'll find quiet, rural getaways perfect for a romantic couple's retreat or a fun-filled family holiday. Stalis and Rethymnon are perfect options for this, the former being close enough to the magnificent Knossos ruins to keep culture vultures pleased. Crete holidays also cater to adventure addicts, who should head out west for a wide range of outdoor pursuits like caving, scuba diving and hiking.

Caves, Coves and Coast

As the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, Crete has a hugely varied landscape. Golden beaches and emerald hills are contrasted with rugged mountains, jagged gorges and hidden caves; one end of the island can feel like a whole other country to the other. With incredible scenery and year round good weather – average summer temperatures of 28C to 32C - Crete holidays are excellent for all types of adventurous activities. Leave the brolly in Ireland, sunny skies are waiting for you here!

Crete can cater to every type of visitor - party animals, beach bums and history lovers. It is widely regarded as one of the best clubbing spots in Europe, although if you prefer your bed to booming bass lines, you'll still be kept entertained. To call the lifestyle 'leisurely' would be an understatement. In Crete, going for lunch can easily turn into an all-day session of eating, chatting and drinking over several hours, before starting again the next day!

The many quaint villages and towns are all steeped in rich history. Ask any sociable native and you'll be regaled with tales of ancient Gods and Venetian conquerors, and the obligatory ancient ruins dot the landscape almost everywhere you look.