Enchanting Egypt Holidays

In view of continued unrest and the evolving political situation in Egypt, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) advise against all travel to the Governorate of North Sinai and all but essential travel to the rest of Egypt except for resorts on the Red Sea in South Sinai and those resorts on the Egyptian mainland in Red Sea governorate (including Hurghada). Please check the DFA website for more information.

Trace the footsteps of Howard Carter on Egypt holidays and discover the Pyramids, cruise down the Nile and admire the luscious landscape, get the royal treatment at a plush resort – or better yet, do all of the above. This Middle Eastern jewel will exceed your expectations more than you ever thought it could. Egypt's best kept secret is its coastline; once you've delved far enough into the past, unwind with a luxurious break on the shores of the Red Sea to the east or the Mediterranean to the north.

The Pyramids of Giza, Cairo Museum, Temple of Luxor and The Sphinx are all essential things to do in Egypt for history devotees and casual visitors alike; no matter how many ancient sites you take in during your visit, you will still be wowed by each one you come across.

A cruise down the River Nile is also a must do. The lush Nile Valley is full of greenery and wildlife, and a fantastic opportunity to see how Egyptians live outside of the cities. There are even more venerable ruins to appreciate along the riverbanks.

The Red Sea Coast is teeming with coral reefs and tropical sea creatures that will excite the most seasoned scuba divers. For land lubbers, the beaches are pretty good too. Take a walk through a Souk and haggle with the vendors for some papyrus or authentic Egyptian crafts. Make sure you have some energy left, though – you'll need it.

Red Sea Relaxation

The city of Cairo is the best choice if Egypt holidays include a trip to the Pyramids, as it most likely will. Here you can experience the best of modern Egypt with the best of its ancient past within easy reach. Don't discount the alluring beauty of Alexandria however, which has some equally fascinating ancient ruins with the added advantage of the glistening Mediterranean at its edge. Luxor is a perfect place to begin or end a Nile River cruise, and is the home of the superb Temple of Luxor. The glamorous Sharm el Sheikh is the place to be for beach bums and diving aficionados and most hotels offer some fantastic all inclusive options for holidays to Egypt.

Beyond the Pyramids

If there is one thing Egypt holidays are known for, it is the imposing ruins that cover the country and the ancient civilisation that built them. There is no other place in the world where the past is still such a significant part of the present. The Pyramids will top every traveller's must see list, but in every corner of the land there are rich historical treasures to scout out.

Middle Eastern culture is worlds away from what we're familiar with in Ireland and Western Europe. Getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing the sights, smells and sounds of this unique world is an opportunity not to be missed. From spices and shisha to religion and the surprisingly friendly natives, it's difficult not to get a taste of what life is like in this exotic and sometimes complicated country.

Despite being 95% desert, Egypt holidays are not as swelteringly hot as you may think. Temperatures stick to a manageable 30 – 35C in summer, and an agreeable 20C in winter. Rest assured though, all destinations have top-class facilities, so discomfort of any kind won't be a problem.