Jolly Holidays to Jamaica

With a laid-back atmosphere, sunny-spirited locals and a passion for party, Jamaica has undeniable charm. Jamaica holidays offer all the delicious beachside views, tropical Caribbean climate and abounding sense of fun you would expect, but it is only when you explore the country’s bustling cities and vibrant towns that you will truly discover what makes this island paradise tick. Dig out your dancing shoes, pull up a glass of rum and sail away on Jamaica’s reggae rhythms.

Things to do in Jamaica

Of the wealth of museums on offer throughout Jamaica’s cities and towns, one stands above the rest when it comes to sheer intrigue and preserved magic. Situated on the outskirts of Kingston, the colonial style home of Bob Marley depicts the incredible early life of reggae’s prodigal son and is touted as one of the most interesting things to do on the island. For a more traditional peak into the country’s historical legacy, head to The National Portrait Gallery of Jamaica. Brimming with fine collections of work from the country’s most celebrated artists, this is a cultural treat not to be missed.

A Rhythm of its Own

Wherever you end up, Jamaica holidays will not disappoint. Most travel to this fascinating country to soak up its lavish beaches and array of water sports, but Jamaica’s cities shouldn’t be overlooked. Brimming with hidden treasures – from intriguing museums to top-notch restaurants – there are a plethora of things to do and see. Kingston is a fitting capital for the country and is wonderfully colourful, making it an irresistible draw for explorers and culture vultures. As well as boasting a glorious stretch of sandy coastline, Kingston is also home to a wealth of incredible museums, traditional restaurants and contemporary hotels, as well as stunning beachside resorts.

For glorious coastal beauty with a slice of local life, head to Whitehouse on Jamaica’s south west coast. Brimming with gorgeous, provincial villages and traditional towns, as well as sea-front hotel complexes, this is a great way to relax and unwind right in the heart of the country.

To experience Jamaica holidays at their most fun-loving, there is no better destination than the vibrant Montego Bay. Situated on the northern coast of the country, this colourful beachside paradise combines beautiful views, local life and a wealth of bars, clubs and rum houses that jump into life as the sun sets. This is truly the party capital of Jamaica.

Island Paradise

It is easy to get swept away in the coastal beauty that holidays in Jamaica often encompass; the country offers endless miles of rolling sands and azure seas, as well as an abundance of water sports and aquatic fun. By far the king of such beach destinations is Ocho Rios. A popular traveller haunt all year round, this beautiful white sand paradise is a mecca for parasailers, snorkellers, swimmers and windsurfers. Beach bums and sun-worshippers can be rest assured that Jamaica offers a coastal experience entirely unlike any other.

Aside from its incredible beaches, the true spirit of this country is easy to uncover if you look in the right places. A good way to begin is to follow your nose. From the aromatic coffee produced within the reaches of the magnificent Blue Mountains to the tasty seafood stews served up in the Port Antonio restaurants, food and drink plays a large part in Jamaican life. As the sun goes down, there is no better way to soak up the atmosphere than to sip a glass of dark rum in a beach-side bar and enjoy the reggae beats.