Stunning Emerald Water

You’ll discover the pinnacle of Slovenia’s natural beauty during Lake Bled holidays, blessed by romantic scenery, rich history and an ethos of adventure. The lake is sandwiched between the mystifying Slovenian Alps, a hidden bowl of emerald green surrounded by luscious woodland hills, castles and snowy peaks. At the centre of the lake sits a storybook island, home to an idyllic church – a fairy tale vibe in the most beautiful setting of Slovenia.

Holidays to Lake Bled will offer you natural beauty and ever-changing vistas. Those seeking tranquillity and relaxation will find it in the quiet beaches and walking trails surrounding the lake, while action-seekers will revel in the culture of outdoor pursuits that has gripped this region of Slovenia.

The History and Culture of the Lake

The relentless appeal of this destination is infinitely present around the glistening lake upon which the town of Bled is based. Throughout your holidays in Lake Bled you’ll continually strive to find that unique viewpoint from which your camera will flourish, discover that hidden alcove-come-beach that boasts the lake’s warmest dip or settle at the picnic spot with the prettiest glimpse of the emerald water.

Luckily for you, Bled offers numerous hotels that will keep the lake in your sights even when you’ve retired for the day. Beyond your bedroom window, arguably the best view of the lake is enjoyed from Bled Castle, hanging precariously above the water as it clings to a rugged cliff. The 17th century castle is home to a small but interesting museum and even a wine centre. On the lake, a visit to the island and its pre-Romanesque chapel is one of the highlights of Lake Bled holidays. Rowing on a rented boat allows you to embrace the water even further before you disembark your craft to explore the frescoes of the church and ring its famous wishing bell.

Slovenia’s Natural Treasures

Lake Bled and the surrounding area display all of the natural highlights of this wonderful and captivating country. Lovers of the great outdoors and those seeking some action and adventure will appreciate the opportunities that the Slovenian Alps have to offer on holidays to Lake Bled. The incredible Triglav National Park is a haven for outdoor pursuits, with sensational hiking, rafting and canyoning routes spread across Slovenia’s most striking natural gift.

The changing seasons brings a variety of activities to Lake Bled and the mountains. In the winter months you’ll experience much snow in the Alps, with up to 120 days of snowfall a year. This provides great skiing opportunities in destinations like Kranjska Gora and Bohinj. Between the months of May and September the region experiences warmer days and cool nights, offering a wealth of opportunities for action by the lake. Swimming from the lake’s edge to the central island is a great challenge for strong swimmers which is enjoyed by the locals, while others may prefer to take part in some rowing activities across the water. For an unparalleled view of Lake Bled, skydiving in the summer months will offer unprecedented views of the Slovenian Alps and the tiny spot of emerald below you that gradually gets closer…and closer.