Majestic Holidays to Malia

Although well-known throughout Europe as a party capital, Malia is also blessed with natural beauty of sweeping olive-groves, majestic vistas of Mount Selena and glorious stretches of sun-drenched coastline. Despite its deserved reputation as a mecca for fun-lovers and those in search of vibrant nightlife, Malia, on the island of Crete is truly a destination with something to offer all ages, and won’t stop until you’ve fallen for its charms.

Malia holidays provide rest, relaxation and fun-filled experiences for visitors of all persuasions. Lounge atop sun-drenched sands with the soothing sounds of Aegean waves, wander the shady streets of a quaintly traditional Old Town, dance ‘til dawn with the fun-loving locals and do it all again tomorrow.

Things to do in Malia

Just a short journey out of the town centre lie the incredible ruins of the majestic Palace of Malia. Dating back thousands of years and bearing the scars of countless battles and natural disasters, this is the perfect way to explore Malia’s fascinating past and historical story.

Explore Malia from a different angle and submerge yourself into a spot of diving around the coast. Boasting beautiful collections of colourful sealife, Malia’s diving opportunities are not to be missed as they offer a truly magical experience of what lurks beneath the sparkling Aegean Sea.

Check Into Paradise

Bursting with dazzling coastal resorts, sleek and stylish private apartments, trendy hotels and traditionally charming guesthouses, accommodation of all kinds is up for grabs on all Malia holidays. Dedicated beach-bums can easily snag a room with a view that’s right on the seafront and boasting easy access to undisturbed sea, sun and sand. If you are looking to take in all the buzz and energy of the town centre for yourself, check into one of the many contemporary hotels that can be found nestled amongst its warren of sun-kissed streets – whatever your style, you are sure to feel at home in Malia.

Dive into the Blue and Paint the Town Red

Malia’s pride and joy is arguably its stunningly gorgeous coastline, boasting endless stretches of golden sands and the glistening depths of the Aegean Sea in which to dip your toes. Sunbathers, water-sport lovers and those simply looking to relax and enjoy the atmosphere all flock to Malia’s warm sands to laze away the day in style – there’s no better R&R on offer.

Malia’s New Town has flourished into a busy, bustling tangle of sun-soaked streets, traditional restaurants, shady cafes and trendy bars, whilst the Old Town remains a stunningly picturesque collection of historical architecture, winding, cobbled pathways and charming, authentic tavernas. Exploring the town is the perfect way to get under the skin of this island in Greece, and you can be sure it will get under yours, too.

After dark, Malia holidays live up to their party reputation, and then some, as the New Town’s countless clubs, bars, pubs and venues open for business, crank up the music and switch on the strobes, serving up night after night of fun-filled, good times. However, if a sophisticated beachside cocktail is more your style, head to the seafront and select one of the many bars in which to watch the phenomenal sunset.