Vibrancy and Style in San Francisco

Not many cities in the world can rival the fulfilment and enjoyment that San Francisco holidays offer, and this Californian destination is often found on the bucket list of many an intrepid traveller.

Easily giving the sophistication and luxury of Los Angeles a run for its money, San Francisco is sandwiched into a state full of natural attractions, captivating cities and stunning coastline, but you’ll find an entire world under one roof when you embark on holidays to San Francisco. Sport is a huge part of the city’s identity, while numerous cultural and historical avenues will further reveal San Fran’s character to those delving into the heart of the USA.

Diverse Neighbourhoods

Each and every area you encounter during your San Francisco holidays will be individually characterised by everything from food and music, to landmarks and atmosphere, offering a medley of continually changing sights, smells and sounds. The Downtown area is full of life and colour, as well as being home to the majority of the city’s top attractions. Head up one of the city’s hills, including Nob Hill or Telegraph Hill, for the perfect view of the city and the ideal romantic spot for an afternoon picnic with a loved one, or turn the tables of culture with a stroll through the largest Chinatown in the States where you can momentarily enter a new world of cuisine, architecture and atmosphere. Wherever you choose to stay during your holidays in San Francisco, you’ll find yourself on the cusp of captivating sites and infectious atmosphere.

Treasures of the West Coast

There are countless sites to tick off your itinerary during San Francisco holidays, but to begin with, it may be best to just aimlessly stroll around the city’s individual neighbourhoods and absorb the unique charm and character of this diverse city. Of course, some sites simply can’t be missed, and a trip to San Francisco without a few hundred photos of the Golden Gate Bridge is a wasted trip, while the world-famous complex of Alcatraz will help to fulfil your holiday accomplishments further.

Music is massively engrained into the identity of San Francisco, and you’ll encounter a continuing array of diverse genres and equally diverse venues in which to catch some live sounds. Jazz is big on these streets, so catch a performance at one of the many jazz festivals, or better yet, during the city’s Mardi Gras celebration.

One iconic image of San Francisco isn’t universally known by name, but the image of Lombard Street is one that will stick in many people’s minds when they think of San Francisco. The bizarrely-decorated and winding slalom street is one of the stranger attractions in the city, but watching tourists or locals attempting to safely navigate the spaghetti street is a strangely entertaining phenomenon. Daytrips are a common theme in California, so make the most of the countless sites and destinations around you, whether it is hitting the glitz and glamour of the shopping districts of L.A, or flocking to the beaches of San Diego.