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Slovenia is a small country that packs a punch; famed for its picturesque lakes and mountains, with a quaint old capital, Ljubljana, Slovenia is one of Europe’s best emerging destinations. From the ski slopes of the north to the Mediterranean coastline of the southwest, Slovenia holidays offer a thrilling range of experiences. There are grand castles, rewarding museums, breath-taking hikes, pristine beaches, and a surprisingly varied cuisine. To top it off, Slovenians are friendly, good-natured, and always willing to show off the best of their country. Come and see what all the fuss is about; Slovenia might just become your new favourite place, it’s certainly one of ours.

Find Your Fairy-tale

Ljubljana is the traditional starting point for holidays in Slovenia. A pocket-sized city with a rich medieval heritage, it can be covered in day or in a week, depending on your schedule. Away from the capital is the stunning Lake Bled, Slovenia’s number one beauty spot, with its shimmering blue water and picture-perfect island. The Slovenian Alps loom over the north of the country, offering unforgettable views and sleepy alpine villages. The seaside town of Piran is Slovenia’s answer to Venice; its cobbled streets and gothic architecture is a delight for any visitor.

Slavic Gem

Eat your way around Slovenia by sampling the many different regional cuisines, from hearty stews and soups to vibrant local wines. Slovenia’s location at the heart of Europe has made its culture, history, language and food hugely varied for such a small place. There are Italian, German and Slavic influences on display, but everything remains distinctly Slovenian. Slovenians are a friendly sort, and most speak English, so you’ll have no problems finding what you’re looking for. Slovenia’s size – small, but not too small – makes it a joy to travel around, and it is easy to experience the great variety on offer. For lovers of the outdoors, holidays to Slovenia offer a superb range of activities from hiking to fishing to snow sports. To experience the drama of Slovenia’s landscape, take a trip to Triglav National Park, one of Europe’s largest national reserves. The park is home to the iconic Mount Triglav, which features on Slovenia’s national flag, and is accessible to climbers of all abilities. In winter months, you can hit the piste in a number of 5-star and budget ski resorts that cater for families and experienced skiers alike.

Things to See in Slovenia

No visit to Slovenia is complete without a visit to Castle Hill, in the heart of the old town of Ljubljana. You can take a miniature railway to the top, where you’ll find yourself at the imposing Ljubljana Castle. Climb up to the famous clock tower for incredible views over the city, or drop into the 15th century Chapel of St George, a small Gothic masterpiece attached to the castle. Around the city there are beautifully designed bridges, museums, galleries and churches that can all be explored on foot. Ljubljana is also home to Slovenia’s thriving beer scene, with a number of brewing festivals taking place throughout the year. There are a number of superb hiking trails in the Slovenian Alps, such as the 500km Slovenian Mountain Trail and the thirst-quenching Jeruzalem-Ljutomer wine road, where you can drop in on local wine cellars. If you’re all hiked out, take a break in one of Slovenia’s refreshing thermal spa resorts at Portoroz or Stajerska. Nothing beats a swim on Slovenia’s Mediterranean coastline, where in the summer months people flock to enjoy one of the many treats this small country has to offer. Brimming with breweries, stunning scenery, and charming towns, holidays in Slovenia are the right answer for any season.

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