Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my booking and what are the charges?

If you wish to cancel your holiday, please log on to our handy Manage My Booking tool. You will need your LOV reference and the lead passenger's name to log in.

Holiday cancellation is always subject to fees from your suppliers and we will also charge an administration fee if you choose to make changes to the booking you originally made.

Low cost airlines are non-refundable, and therefore anyone looking to cancel a low cost airline flight should expect to pay 100% of the original flight costs in the event of full cancellation. Please check the cancellation policy of the airline that you are travelling with.

Whilst some hotels can be cancelled down at no additional cost, some will also charge a partial cancellation fees; others can charge in full. If you have booked a hotel which classes the booking as non-refundable, it is exactly that, so cancellation will be at full loss.

Cancelling a booking with multiple suppliers is complicated, and as such we charge an administration fee to process cancellation requests as confirmed in our booking terms and conditions. Our cancellation fee is up to €75 for a booking inclusive of flights, and up to €30 for a hotel only booking.