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Located along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast at the foot of the Anti-Atlas Mountains, Agadir is a popular beach resort and the ideal destination for your 2019 / 2020 holiday.

Blessed with hundreds of sunshine hours every year, Agadir holidays are one of the most popular options for visitors to Morocco. This is the kind of place where you spend your days lazing along the gorgeous coastline and wandering around the marina, before finding that perfect spot to enjoy the sunset and dine on some divine cuisine. You will never be far from the beach in Agadir, with accommodation stretching along the endless golden sands.

With gorgeous, quiet beaches and national parks easily accessible, it’s no wonder resorts and hotels in Agadir have been popping up thick and fast. Relax in the knowledge that there is a huge variety of fantastic places to stay from all-inclusive resorts to five-star golf hotels.

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Top attractions

Top attractions

A prime resort bustling with life, Agadir is the heart and soul of Moroccan tourism. From racking up the chips at a casino to seeing the city from up high at the Casbah, Agadir holidays are full of surprises. Blessed with good waves, you may also be surprised to know that Agadir is a top surf spot and a great place to try some surfing at one of the many schools along the coast.

Boasting some of the finest fairways around, Agadir is abundant with vibrant green golf courses, three in fact, that test the mettle of even the finest golfer. With beautiful scenery of eucalyptus and palm trees, there are few places that can rival Agadir’s courses - and few better places to spend your day as a keen golfer.

The open-air zoo, Vallee des Oiseanux or ‘Valley of the Birds’, is a perfect spot to come and admire the many beautiful birds that inhabit the area. There is even a playground for children inside the park, so kids can play while parents relax and enjoy the surroundings.

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Eating out

Eating out

You have the Berber tribes to thank for the amazing flavours that feature in dishes throughout Morocco. They brought their dishes down from the mountains and their recipes are still used in Agadir cooking today. Because Agadir also has a blend of Arab and French colonial influences, its cuisine is a wonderful fusion of east meets west. From traditional Moroccan tagines and couscous to delicious fresh breads, expect your taste buds to be in full use on your holiday.

Make sure you try pastilla on holidays to Agadir – they’re perfect for snacking on whilst you explore the souks. The flaky filo pastry is packed full of chicken or pigeon meat, then sprinkled with icing sugar and baked until golden and crispy.

Enjoy the best of the city’s food and mint teas at one of the numerous seaside cafés and restaurants. From traditional Moroccan food to international cuisine, you are bound to have a meal to remember. 

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Full of excellent things to do, Agadir holidays are ideally suited to families. Relish in the many opportunities to keep the little ones amused with trips to attractions, such as the open-air ‘Valley of the Birds’ - a mini zoo with a wonderful mix of colourful birds and a collection of small mammals.

If you want a day out to remember, 12km north of Agadir is Aourir, more commonly known as ‘Banana Village’. You will soon see why, with masses of banana trees to gaze at. You and the children can also explore the village’s souk or head down to one of their popular surf beaches, such as Banana Beach.

Blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year and 10km of powdery sand, the whole family will find something to do on Agadir’s beaches. The wonderful waters stay warm year-round too, so it’s ideal for fun water sports and activities.

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Action & Adventure

Action & Adventure

Sitting in the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains, near the estuary of the Sous River and the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir is well placed for action and adventure. From quad biking in the desert, surfing in the Atlantic or camel trekking in the sand dunes, Agadir provides a range of fun activities on a variety of exciting terrains.

Stretching over 80km along the coast south of Agadir sits the impressive Souss Massa National Park. With lots of stunning beaches, traditional villages and scenic fishing harbours, the park is the perfect place to witness Agadir’s natural beauty. The best way to enjoy the park is on a jeep safari, where you may encounter the rare bald ibis bird, which only breeds in this region of Morocco. 

If it’s action in the water you’re after, head to the coast. You can rent jet-skis, paddle-boards and even charter a catamaran or fishing boat. Agadir holidays really have it all!

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With beautifully maintained beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, you must indulge in some rest and relaxation on your Agadir holidays. The resort boasts a Mediterranean climate so you can almost always expect sunshine all year round! As Morocco’s best beach, Agadir’s sands stretch for over nine kilometres around a crescent bay and have earned the Blue Flag award for their translucent waters.

To the north of Agadir, you will find the fishing village of Taghazout where golden sands, perfect for sunbathing and beach games greet you. Activities are in abundance here, with a variety of water sports including prime surfing conditions. Tamaounza Beach is also designed for surfers with plenty of surf schools on offer.

Between Agadir and the town of Essaouira, you will find more beautiful beaches that are home to some prime surfing spots and fantastic swimming conditions, such as Bouyirdn, Imouran and Aghroud.  

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Agadir nights are laid-back affairs, with relaxing evenings spent in the resort and hotel bars watching exciting entertainment shows. Many of the city’s restaurants, like Boulevard Hassan II, invite local musicians to serenade you over dinner. To experience the local culture on your Agadir holiday, book a night at a Berber show to watch belly dancers, tribal drums and tambourines over drinks.

For a more sophisticated evening, head to the Secteur Touristique part of town and Au Pool Lounge. Located in the luxury Sofitel Hotel, you can enjoy a drink by the outdoor pool on comfortable loungers. The Taj Mahal in the Atlantic Palace Resort is another luxurious haunt, with a majestically decorated bar and restaurant. Every Saturday there is a show featuring acrobats, snake charmers and jugglers.

If you fancy a big night of clubbing, fear not, you can dance the night away at Le Blunt in Complexe Touristique Tivoli, which has DJ Benoit spinning the tunes as well as live bands.

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Couples on holiday in Agadir are treated to endless, secluded beaches and romantic walks along the seafront promenade. Out on the water, you can make a splash in a jet-ski or dance the night away in some top nightclubs.

To experience a bit of the city’s glamour, take a wander around the Marina d’Agadir. This impressive, multimillion-pound port is lined with plush boutiques, shops and restaurants – ideal for spoiling each another.

If you both fancy a challenge, take a hiking trip to Tafraoute to explore the surrounding hills and take in the fantastic views of Agadir and the mountains high above.

For a romantic evening, book a table at Ibtissam in the square at Place Tamri in Talborjt, only ten minutes away from the centre of Agadir. Escaping the crowds, you will enjoy a brilliant range of Moroccan and international dishes in a relaxed environment over a bottle of French red wine.

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If you’re fascinated by history, you will be impressed with what Agadir has to offer. From museums housing old-fashioned Berber instruments to enlightening photography displays on the 1960 earthquake, you can stay amused for hours in these absorbing homages to history.

For an insight into Agadir’s past, pay a visit to the city’s main museum, the Musee Municipal de Agadir, featuring exhibitions on the heritage of the region. Elsewhere, the Musee Bert Flint and the captivating Musee de Talborjt also give an insight into Moroccan history and culture.

For a slice of culture on your Agadir holiday, head to the buzzing hub of activity that is the Souk El Had. As the third largest market in North Africa, the souk is an intense array of market stalls, vendors and endless opportunities to bring home a souvenir from the variety of leather, herbs and stunning ceramics for sale. You will get lost in a colourful world and be captivated by the sweet incense aromas that waft through the market.

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