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Alluring Akumal

Considered one of the most beautiful locations along the sparkling Riviera Maya, Akumal holidays will provide all of the rewarding indulgence offered by a coastal escape, providing the beauty of one of the area’s best beaches and the excitement of numerous water sports.

Outdoor adventure and natural beauty are the two pioneering themes along the Mexico Caribbean Coast, and in Akumal you’ll experience the very best of this region of Mexico, proving the perfect escape for holidaying families in search of all the joys of marvellous sunshine and perfect beaches. Whether you’ve come to relax and indulge in a luxury break of tranquillity or you prefer to keep busy and get active across a range of sporting opportunities, holidays to Akumal provide a paradisiacal escape for all manner of visitors.

Land of Turtles

The incredible, clean and picturesque Akumal Beach is likely to be a focal point of your time in and around the resort, proving the perfect place to spend a day with the family in the sunshine, whether you choose to laze in the sun and top up your tan, or get active in the water. The beach is famed as a primary location for sea turtles to come ashore and lay their eggs in the summer months, and if you’re lucky you may spot one or two during your time in Akumal.

One of the best ways to encounter turtles, as well as numerous other inhabitants of the ocean, is to embark on a snorkelling or diving trip. The reefs near Akumal are vibrant and full of life and you’re almost guaranteed to encounter a turtle or two during your holidays in Akumal when opting for a tour. Cave diving is another fantastic adventure to embark on in the area, though others may find a relaxing day visiting the sedate beach paradise of Bacalar a little more appealing.