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Amazing Archangelos

Like many of the Greek provincial towns, Archangelos has managed to hold onto its friendly charm while adapting to the demand for tourism, however Archangelos has maintained its village roots and traditions which cannot be said of many other towns around the area. As you stroll through the narrow and winding streets during your holidays to Archangelos, you will be struck by the smell of freshly baked bread, and on following your nose into the bakeries you may be surprised to find that the majority have kept to using traditional wood-fired ovens as opposed to more modern methods. The quaint and laid back atmosphere is one of the many reasons why people keep coming back to this relatively small town, and why they find it so relaxing.

Scintillating Sights and Views

Although a small town on the island of Rhodes, Archangelos features stunning natural beauty in the form of Aithonas Valley, a perfect spot where you can de-stress and enjoy the calming serenity the island has to offer. If you’d like to get a better view of the valleys around then it may be worth popping up to Panagia Tsambika Monastery during your Archangelos holidays, a monument in its own right, this monastery is situated high on the hill tops where you’ll be able to peer out over the valleys below. The history of this quaint little town is inherent within its name, and you’ll find that the centrepiece to this vividly decorated table of fine buildings and vibrant colours situates itself proudly at the heart of culture within the town. The Church of the Saint Michael Archangel is an architectural piece of pride for the local Greek people and will remain so for all to see during their holidays in Archangelos.