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Amazing Athens Holidays

Steeped in historical wonder and brimming with cultural pockets of interest, Athens holidays are one of a kind. As the capital of Greece, this bustling city offers its visitors a tangible glimpse back at one of the most important ancient civilisations with great edifices like the Acropolis and the Agora.

Arguably the birthplace of culture and civilisation, Athens embraces the past while continuously moving forward in design. There is a wide range of galleries, museums and guided tours to accompany the captivating sights and extensive history of this fascinating city, and plenty of shops and clubs to bring you back to the present.

Glamour and Greece

There is so much to experience on Athens city breaks that finding a hotel that makes all the major sightseeing destinations easily accessible is key. Whether you’re looking for a place to provide you with the classic Greek experience or just a base to drop your bags while you explore some ancient ruins near Plaka, there is plenty of accommodation to suit your needs.

The district around Syntagma Square is ideal as it offers a wide range of hotels that boast a mix of modern and beautiful Greek architecture, and will also lead you to Ermou Street, the best pedestrianized shopping street in Athens. Stay around Metaxourgio to be in the perfect halfway point to the Grand National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis. For quick stopovers before exploring nearby islands, choose Piraeus, the main port of Athens.

If your idea of the perfect Athens holidays is sipping cocktails in a swanky bar or being wined and dined in fabulous Greek restaurants, then the area of Kolonaki is perfect for you. With exclusive boutiques and upmarket cafes, Kolonaki shows the glamorous side of Greek life and offers its visitors a change of pace from sightseeing and exploring. Hotels in this area match the decadence and luxury of the surroundings, but if you’re looking for an area with a great range of facilities and hotels on a smaller budget then head to the popular destination of Monastiraki. This district has plenty of beauty and history to behold, with its antiquated buildings, stalls and weekly markets to get lost in for a few hours while bartering for a few bargains.

The Ideal Greek Getaway

There’s so much more to see and do on Athens city breaks than a trip to the Acropolis. Definitely climb the hill to the Parthenon to witness stunning panoramic views that would capture everyone’s heart, but also make sure to stop by the Theatre of Dionysus on your way down. Art lovers or those curious about ancient Greece can discover artefacts from all over the Greek world at the National Archaeological Museum, and wander around the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Make sure to grab a pita gyro, an on-the-go Greek sandwich, before some shopping in the shade of the Acropolis or down the street from Syntagma Square.

The summer months are the ideal time to visit this celestial city if you’re looking for a beach holiday and want to take in the most of the seascape and perfect weather. However, if you’re looking for a serene and subdued getaway then the autumn months are still warm enough to permit a trip to the beach without the summertime crowds.