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Amazing Attard Holidays

Within the heart of Malta and set deeply within the island’s past, Attard has been inhabited for centuries. Forming the traditional collection of ‘Three Villages’ that are well-known throughout Malta, it’s unsurprising to find that Attard holidays still hold the same grace as they did many years ago, little changing in terms of beauty and natural surroundings. Around the village you will find a number of hints at Attard’s rich heritage, many of these being in the form of antiquated stone structures and perfectly manicured flower gardens that seem ever-present among the streets. However, combining modernity with history, holidays to Attard are a cataclysm of time periods and your hotel will undoubtedly allow you to explore the best of both worlds.

Things to do in Attard

Attard holidays are fabulous for lounging beside the pool, strolling through the San Anton gardens and immersing yourself in local village life. Pamper yourself at the nearby spa, do a spot of shopping in the Ta’Qali and tuck into fantastic local cuisine.

Visit the traditions museum in the San Anton gardens. Here you will find all kinds of Maltese treasures and artefacts in an inspiring setting. This is a must see for those who love a slice of history as it offers a glimpse into the historical culture of Attard and Malta which will leave you even more in love with this beautiful country. The Ta'Qali is a fabulous National Park with its own vineyard, plenty of fabulous little craft shops and the opportunity to try your hand at some thrilling water sports.

Scenic Streets

From the lively enclosures of Molecular Fusion to the stunning San Anton Gardens, there is enough in this part of Malta to please a wide range of holiday guests. The Villa Bologna will offer a glimpse into the majesty and decadence of centuries gone by, while Malta Film Tours are a great service that will allow you to see how the island’s heritage has been used in modern film. You will also find a sense of luxury amid the pretty architecture, but perhaps no more so will you experience extravagance than in the Profumeria la Piazzetta – cosmetics, jewellery and beauty products line the shelves here.

Glorious Weather

There is a lot to expect from the weather too. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta provides ample opportunity to soak up the sunshine and there’s no better place to do so than within its cultural centre. While heading further afield to the coast or even choosing Spain may prove to be sandier, there are few better places poised to supply as much diversity as you will find on Attard holidays. Whether you’re looking for fun in the sunshine or history to explore, Attard is a fantastic location that will satisfy all.