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Budva Holidays

Based on the coast of the gorgeous Adriatic Sea in Montenegro, Budva and its Riviera are in the heart of Montenegrin tourism. The endless golden beaches here are what make the region increasingly popular among travellers, while its rich cultural heritage means historical monuments aplenty. Quirky cafés, vibrant restaurants and fascinating galleries are scattered all over the place, promising a lively, exciting holiday.

Boasting a coast that is 25km long, hosting no less than 20 beaches, Budva is the kind of place that aims to impress. With 2,300 sunny hours per year, it also attracts visitors all year round – unsurprisingly as due to the lovely Mediterranean climate the winters here are short and mild, while the summers tend to be dry and warm. The huge number of beaches also means a huge diversity: there are the long, popular ones and the trendy ones that are beloved by the youngsters – music filling the air, cocktails flying from hand to hand. Then of course there is an abundance of hidden coves and soothing little beaches that are waiting to be discovered by the ones who love more intimate places. For diving enthusiasts there are also two small islands – Katic and Sveta Nedjelja – that offer a range of fun activities and are bound to turn into your favourites!

Travellers wishing to immerse themselves in the region’s culture should look no further either – numerous churches and fortresses testify of the past of Budva, while monasteries like Stanjevici, Podostrog, Rezevici and Gradiste represent some of the most important religious monuments of the region. What is more, you can easily enjoy both culture and leisure at the same time as beaches are never far away – there are pearly beaches only 200 metres away from the Old Town, ensuring that sightseeing and tanning by the sea can truly go hand in hand! Keep reading bellow about the other gems that Budva has to offer or browse our list of options for affordable holidays in this gem of a Montenegrin town!

Budva was made to be admired: each minute under its warm sun savoured in the company of a loved one, strolling down the never-ending beaches, feeling the warm kiss of the sparkling blue water on your feet. With an endless coastline and warm Mediterranean climate, there is no wrong time of the year to visit or a wrong place to stay in – remember, the beach is always nearby no matter where you are! Truth is, the Old Town is worthy of a visit as the majority of historic and cultural monuments are based here. After you have had your fair share of sightseeing, you can walk down to one of the gorgeous beaches and enjoy the Adriatic Sea with a cold cocktail in hand and a big smile on your face.

With such a rich diversity of things to do and places to see, Budva is a true gem on the gorgeous Adriatic coast. While its rich historical heritage ensures an opulent cultural experience, its Riviera is where the sun meets the sea and seduces you with its warm embrace. Our list of holidays is almost as diverse as Budva itself, so feel free to check it out and find a great deal for a cheap holiday in Montenegro!