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Cosmopolitan Bur Dubai

An ideal blend of modern and Arabic architecture, Bur Dubai is a fantastic holiday destination in the UAE. Now a popular part of Dubai, you will never know from walking around that Bur Dubai used to be a quiet sandy stretch of land back in the day. Bur Dubai, a cosmopolitan district of Dubai, places you beside the best restaurants and shopping malls in the city. The district is situated on the western edge of Jumeirah and Dubai Creek, and offers incredible views of the entire area of Dubai, so keep your camera handy!

Staying in this resort is a pleasure, with the streets free from intense congestion and enticing attractions just a stone's throw from your hotel. Pretty much everything you could want is on your doorstep during holidays to Bur Dubai.

The main reason for booking Bur Dubai holidays is to be closer to the heart of the city as opposed to the beach. Shopaholics are going to fall head over heels in love with the Mall of the Emirates. This is a shopping mall that pretty much has everything, including an indoor ski slope with real snow – don't forget about the 560 different brands stocked in the mall.

Bur Dubai - a cultural centre

With so much to see and do in Bur Dubai, you'll never run out of options. Visit the famous Dubai World Trade Centre, explore the souks and modern shopping malls, and wander through old-timey streets full of cobblestones. There is plenty of culture to see on holidays in Bur Dubai, with many museums and restored buildings. Visit the historic areas of Al Basktaiya and Al Fahidi Fort, now home to the fabulous Dubai Museum and a must-visit attraction. Embrace the Middle Eastern culture and visit the Grand Mosque, or just admire it and the city's tallest minaret as well as the blue-tiled Iranian Mosque.

Explore the rest of Dubai

It's easier than you think to explore the rest of Dubai from Bur Dubai. A fantastic metro line, the Dubai Metro Red Line, facilitates speedy transfers to Dubai International Airport and throughout the key attractions in the city, making exploring the farthest reaches of Dubai more than just possible. Explore Bur Dubai from a traditional boat taxi - or agra - on the creek, or visit other popular areas of Dubai like commercial Deira and stylish Sheikh Zayed Road. Soak up some sun on the not too far away beach of the Jumeirah District while you're here.

Whatever you choose to do in Dubai, make Bur Dubai your basecamp for a fantastic holiday in the UAE. Bur Dubai is one of the many districts of Dubai with fantastic accommodations, and with such a wide variety of locations you're sure to find the best hotel for your holiday plans. Choose from grandiose 4- and 5-star hotel resorts that dot the main streets of Dubai, or more commercial areas around. In Bur Dubai, you will find the true cosmopolitan nature of Dubai with visitors from all over. Whether you're travelling here with family, friends, or your partner, choose Bur Dubai hotels for your getaway to the spectacular destination of Dubai.