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Charming and Colourful Cadenabbia

A small community located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Como, Cadenabbia holidays will allow you to embrace the scenic beauty of this wonderful realm of northern Italy, whether from a waterside restaurant over a bottle of local wine, or ascending a mountainous road on a bicycle. The Lake Como area is blessed with some of the most stunning scenic treasure in the whole of the country, surrounded by lakes, mountains and fresh air that will invigorate the soul.

The area has been a top holiday hotspot for many years, offering a sedate escape for locals and tourists from the hustle and bustle of Milan, while also boasting its very own cultural and historical attractions that will quickly see you forgetting the lures of the big cities of Italy. Outdoor adventure of indulgence is the name of the game during holidays in Cadenabbia, so pack your hiking boots and make sure you visit thirsty – Italians wine and dining culture will become the focal point of your trip.

The Freshest Air

The surrounding mountains are a playground for nature lovers, offering some stunning treks for those looking to delve into the natural splendour of the area, while other active types will prefer to get on two wheels and explore some of the landscapes by bicycle. Alternatively, take to the water and float in tranquillity along the glistening water and absorb the stunning vistas – the perfect way to relax during your holidays to Cadenabbia.

Lake Como’s celebrity connection has lent a stylish and sophisticated vibe to the area, and this is reflected in the quality accommodation, fabulous restaurants and countless cafes that adorn the settlements along the outskirts of the lake. The towns and villages along the shore also boast cultural attractions for those looking to delve into the history of the area, with numerous extravagant villas and precariously-perched churches allowing culture vultures a dose of exploration and discovery before heading back to a bottle of wine or superb pasta dish at a local eatery.