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Colourful Cagliari

There’s something special about Sardinia and holidays to Cagliari capture the enigmatic, but wonderful, aura of the island perfectly. While there are many attractions and beautiful sights to see, perhaps the most alluring of the views can be found from the sea, looking onto the shelved buildings that stand prominently amid the city and decorate the shoreline. The exotic climate is in many ways more likened to Tunisia than Italy, the city in fact being closer to the North African country than it is to Rome. However, there’s an Italian charm exuding from Cagliari’s streets and you’re sure to find some of the country’s mainstays brimming among the unique architecture and atmosphere.

Leftover Roman ruins

As the fading sun strikes the city’s vibrant piazzas, Cagliari holidays take on an illuminating glow that transcends beyond being visually appealing. The history of old Roman ruins, churches and old-style museums seemingly comes to life in the golden glow in the glaze of sun rays and city lights – allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the traditional facades and appearance of this fantastic city. History buffs will see themselves surrendering to the onslaught of imposing cathedrals, whereas those in search of culture will find it in between the stalls of buzzing marketplaces and in the decadent Royal Palace. Elsewhere there is plenty to be found in the way of natural beauty and memorable adventures. Head to one of the many theatres, peruse the art-filled galleries or scuba-dive your way to captivating coral beauty – there are numerous opportunities to explore. You can even make your way further afield into Sardinia during your holidays in Cagliari where you’ll be well-rewarded; such is the allure of this Mediterranean island.