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Classy Cala d'Or Holidays

On the south east coast of Majorca, Cala d'Or, or 'golden cove', is a purpose built resort just three hours by plane from Dublin.** This laid back town is made up of 4km of jagged coastline with rocky coves and creeks interspersed with soft sand, all lapped by the warm waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The various inlets and rock formations make for an ever changing landscape to explore and find your own hidden cove. Modelled on Ibiza, the resort is fresh, modern and full of things to see and do; Cala d'Or holidays will not disappoint.

Most popular hotels in Cala d'Or

Blue Sea Club Marthas Resort
Blue Sea Club Marthas Resort
Blue Sea Club Marthas Resort

Cala d'Or, Majorca

from €220 pp
Mar Hotels Ferrera Blanca
Mar Hotels Ferrera Blanca
Mar Hotels Ferrera Blanca

Cala d'Or, Majorca

from €306 pp
Playa Ferrera Aparthotel
Playa Ferrera Aparthotel
Playa Ferrera Aparthotel

Cala d'Or, Majorca

from €197 pp

A guide to Cala d’Or for families

Cala d’Or is a charming resort on Majorca’s east coast. Its name translates as ‘golden cove’ and when you see the small but inviting stretches of sand nestled between the cliffs, you’ll understand why.

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Things to do in Cala d'Or

One of the primary things to do in Cala d'Or is relax and unwind; that's the beauty of the resort. It's all about kicking back on the beach, having a lazy lunch in a local cafe, or watching the sun melt into the sea between the moored yachts and boats.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of fun activities to do on the many beaches, including banana boats, kayaks, glass bottom boat trips, and land based activities such as go karting and trampolining. Many visitors head to the hills to explore the Majorcan scenery by mountain bike or hire car.

If you manage to get around to all of Cala d'Or's beaches, take a short train ride out to the much bigger 5km sweeping sand at Es Trenc, fringed with pine trees and surrounded by unspoilt coastline. The nearby fishing village of Porto Petro is very picturesque and is a wonderful way to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Relaxing Retreats

As it is a relatively new resort, Cala d'Or holidays offer all types of accommodation, from all inclusive hotels to rented holiday apartments and private villas. The area has various small districts named after their respective coves; the major players are Cala d'Or itself, Cala Egos and Cala Ferrara, each of which has a main street that leads towards the sea or marina area. Cala Gran is the focal point of the resort, boasting the largest beach, although the marina is where you'll find the best restaurants and bars. Other beaches to check out include Calas Llonga, Esmeralda and Serena.

Quiet Coves

Cala d'Or holidays are always a chilled out kind of break. The resort is lower key than other holiday spots in Majorca; much of the evening entertainment on offer is hotel based, although there is a selection of bars on offer. This is not the type of place you visit to party all night and sleep all day, and for that reason, it's very popular with families and couples.

Growth of the area has been strictly controlled, so the town still has a definite authentic feel to it. In many ways, it doesn't seem all that different from the fishing village is started off as; whitewashed stone buildings in the town centre give way to leafy villas on the outskirts, and the odd fishing boat can still be found hidden away in the quieter coves.

Exploring the coves, commercial centres and neighbouring areas couldn't be easier thanks to a road train that shuttles over and back several times daily. Within the resort itself, pedestrianised streets make getting around simple and efficient, with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants in which to rest your feet.