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Catanzano at a Glance

Known as the city of two seas, Catanzano is an urban centre and the capital of the Calabria region, perfect for those looking to visit a metropolitan destination.

Perfect for...

  • Travellers looking for lively activity in an urban retreat.
  • Young travellers looking for somewhere interesting to soak up the coastal beauty.
  • Families who need a fun filled summer holiday.

Holidays in Catanzano

Catanzano is known as the city of the three V’s which refers to the city’s three distinct features, San Vitaliano, velvet and the strong winds that hit the city. Overlooking the Gulf of Squillface in the Ionian Sea, Catanzano is the perfect destination for a holiday.

With a typical Mediterranean climate, Catanzano welcomes warm weathers which are cooled by the city’s very windy temperament. Beautiful rivers run through Catanzano, some of the best include the main stream of Flumarella which joins the river Musofalo.

Catanzano is famous for its silk industry which is bought by both the domestic and foreign markets. Some of the finest silks, velvets, brocades and damasks are produced in Catanzano, so make sure you pick up some of the well crafted good to take home.

The Catanzano Bridge is the tallest and most well known one arch bridge in Europe which makes it a very popular tourist destination.

Relax on the Catanzano Lido and soak up the sun. Located just a few minutes from the town centre the beach is popular with both tourists and locals and acts as an epicentre of the city.

Head to the centre of Catanzano for lots of activities, the main centre known as the Piazza Grimaldi is named after the famous House of Grimaldi and is full of lots of historical buildings, old structures and shops. Spend a couple of hours strolling down the narrow streets and take in what the Catanzano town centre has to offer.

Visit the local markets for the best places to shop while visiting Catanzano. These colourful places are lively and offer the best of the local merchandise, with lots of locally handcrafted good you will be sure to find a gift to take back to friends and family back home.

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