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Enamouring Empuriabrava

From afar many think of Empuriabrava as a residential area, highly built up and offering a busy beach, but it’s much more than that. From above, and as you make your way through the waterways, you’ll see an extensive network of neighbourhood marinas, housing fancy yachts and equally fancy houses.

It’s the originality of the resort that strikes holidaymakers hardest, what should be simply known as a residential expanse is beautiful, vibrant and even more picturesque while basking in Spain’s almost eternal sunshine. Added to the aesthetics are a range of activities that will help you make the most of your holidays to Empuriabrava; skydiving, mini gold and jet skiing all encapsulated within the resort’s pretty peripheries.

A Wealth of Family Fun

Mystery Tours is a good place to start if you’re looking for fun things to do while also taking in the picturesque views, although there are plenty of activities you can get involved with straight off the bat. Karting is a kids’ favourite, as is mini golf, but there’s nothing that quite gets the heart beating in the way skydiving can. Empuriabrava holidays are a great way to have fun and whichever of its hotels you choose, you’re sure to be well-situated to something that will suit everyone. The Gulf of Roses is what you’ll be looking out onto when spending a day at the beach, curving round to a city of the same name you’ll find secluded spots for those who wish to get away and busier parts too, for those who wish to experience the vast array of water sports on offer. Empuriabrava holidays will showcase the best of what the Costa Brava has to offer, while also providing a unique spin on things with its original outlay.