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Fanes at a glance

Situated in the north-east corner of the Greek island of Rhodes, Fanes is a popular destination for beach holidays and cultural trips alike.

It lies just west of Soroni, and boasts a breathtaking natural harbour, all set in a landscape of rolling hills and tamarisk trees. Fanes lies within close proximity to the ancient city of Kameiros, a fascinating nearby destination for anyone who has an interest in history or architecture. So throw out that glossy brochure and forget everything you've heard about package holidays to Rhodes instead talk to us now, and start planning your own personalised, dream break in Fanes.

The ideal holiday - Fanes

Fanes is a wonderfully picturesque destination, which really does have something to offer everyone. From the surrounding landscape to the beautiful beaches, visitors can enjoy leisurely walks through the peaceful countryside, stop off for picnics overlooking the sea, or swim and sunbathe in the warm Aegean waters surrounding the Greek islands. The beaches are undoubtedly one of the destination's main attractions, and are split between areas of sand and shingle. There's plenty of space for sunbathing here, and the gently shelving beach offers a safe place for young children to swim and play in the clear water.

Fantastic Fanes Fun

There are so many things to do in Fanes you can be sure there will be something to please every visitor. From water sports to sightseeing, Fanes has plenty to offer the active holiday maker as well as those who like to take it easy. The clear water makes for great scuba diving and snorkelling, while other activities catered for include windsurfing and jet skiing. Kite surfing is another popular option, and often takes place on the wide areas of flat sand to the north of the village. If you are looking to stay local to Fanes, treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants in the area. Indulge in deliciously fresh food and wonderful wine the way the Greeks are famous for. Afterwards, enjoy a peaceful walk in the moonlight on the beach.

Explore around Fanes

Explore the ancient city of Kameiros. This ruined city was twice destroyed by earthquakes and serves as a fascinating insight into the history of inhabitants on this island. Nearly 3,000 years old, these ruins are examples of an advanced civilisation and a must-see for anyone interested in history. You can freely walk around the grounds, witnessing the old baths, town square and plumbing system; this is an archaeological gem that can't be missed.
The Medieval City of Rhodes is another archaeological wonder. Built by the Christian military order of the Knights Hospitalers, the city is full of Gothic and Ottoman-style buildings. Walk along the stone streets, see the Palace of the Grand Masters and cross the drawbridge into the great city. Much like stepping back a few hundred years in time, the city is still largely intact and offers a detailed history of how its inhabitants lived and defended the castle.