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Holidays to Fort Lauderdale

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Fantastic Fort Lauderdale

The perfect blend of sophistication and raucous spring breaks, Fort Lauderdale gazes lazily across the Atlantic Ocean, soaking up the sun effortlessly in what has come to be known as one of the USAs most popular holiday states, Florida. With long stretches of palm tree strewn beaches and the calm blue sea wetting the golden sands as it climbs towards the seemingly never-ending white wave wall, holidays to Fort Lauderdale will always be a special experience and, being ideally situated along Florida’s coastline, you will find yourself in the prime position from which to enjoy the almost year-round sunshine.

Known by many to be the USA's answer to Venice, Fort Lauderdale is home to one of America’s biggest canal complexes, which adds oodles of beauty and depth to this coastal city. Although easy on the eye, Fort Lauderdale holds its own on the culture front too; museums, art and numerous events give the city a unique atmosphere as well as a multi-dimensional approach to tourism.


If you’re heading on holidays but are stuck for ideas on what to do and see, never fear! loveholidays.com has a few great ideas for you.

Beaches in the area

Fort Lauderdale beach, otherwise known as ‘The Strip’ was made infamous by the 1960s film ‘Where the Boys Are’ that showcased a hedonistic Spring Break culture. The resort is still pretty cosmopolitan and forward thinking, and the beach is a relaxed place to tan and swim – though be aware there will be other beachgoers in thongs!

Activities on holidays

Known as the ‘Venice of America’, Fort Lauderdale has an extensive canal network and taking a boat trip along some of them is an incredible way to spend a day in the sunshine. If you don’t want to rent a boat or take a private trip, a water taxi from your hotel to your restaurant is as good a way to do this as any! Given that the Atlantic is one of the greatest oceans to catch a fish in, a deep sea fishing trip shouldn’t be missed! There are several operators, but Flamingo Fishing will supply all the equipment you need as well as taking you there and back.


Fort Lauderdale comes to life at night – they say that if you’re under 35, it’s the best place to be in Florida! Cooley Hammock is full of bars and nightclubs that are frequented by younger clientele. If you want a flavour of Spring Break, check out Elbo Room on The Strip. For something more sedate, there are some great restaurants and quieter bars in the RiverSide complex to the east of the railway lines.

Top attractions on holidays

The area around the Museum of Discovery and Science is one of the liveliest in the city at night, but the Museum itself is a must see! A great day out for adults and children alike. The Billie Swamp Safari is a great way to get in touch with nature and probably the best way to experience the famous Everglades in an airboat tour – or to just check out the exhibits of reptiles and other animals!

Useful Information

Visit the Visit Florida website (link: http://www.visitflorida.com) for more information on Fort Lauderdale area holidays.

Beyond the Beach

The beach is great, right? But there will come a point where you’ll want to explore, and Fort Lauderdale holidays will provide you with everything you need for a fulfilling time away, be it with the family, on your own, or with your friends. Taking a walk around the canals is a good start, although you’ll want to take a map to avoid backtracking or getting lost in between the mazes of water. The Museum of Discovery and Science and the Museum of Art each provide you with some entertaining exhibits if you fancy a different take on Fort Lauderdale, but there is plenty to do no matter where you go.

Road Trip

If you don’t feel a holiday to America is complete without a road trip, take a drive down the beauty-laden coast to Miami, a huge city with several districts where you can find an abundance of different things to do. Get pampered in this quirky city at a spa in the Ritz-Carlton, live in ultimate luxury for a day before heading on over to The Sunset Lounge, there’s nothing like gazing out over the breath-taking views after a quick primping!

Perhaps you’ve had enough of the coast? Hard to believe but if you have, then head inland to Orlando, the skyscrapers double in size through the reflection of the mirrored lakes that pepper the landscape with a shiny magnificence. Feel your heart beat through your chest and the air rush past your face in an exhilarating fashion as you cascade down the many rollercoasters found in Orlando’s plethora of amusement park resorts. Fort Lauderdale holidays will place you ideally to experience the many faces of America, but you may need more than one visit to fit it all in, the perfect excuse for many holidays to come.

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