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Glorious Garachico Holidays

Cobbled streets, forested valleys and rocky dreams characterise Garachico holidays, offering natural and man-made beauty amid a colourful collection of historical attractions. Covered by molten lava during 1706, much of the harbour town’s historical allure lies in the fortress that would have once protected the shores from pirates – the rest of the town had to be rebuilt after the eruption of Mount Teide. Garachico itself is quiet and peaceful, most of the activity available taking place away from the town, but within the tranquil atmosphere there are a number of calming restaurants in which to eat your fill. Tenerife’s best wines can also be found in the few shops that line the cobbled streets, making for a romantic evening with the loved one.

A Quaint Discovery

Sit back in Bar Kiosko in the Plaza de la Libertad or peruse the town’s small museum, there’s plenty for you to do to immerse yourself in the peace around town. Friendly locals help to offer a welcoming atmosphere, whereas the Church of Santa Ana is a quiet place for self-reflection and to escape the hustle and bustle when on holidays to Garachico. Stunning views can be found from rooftop cafes, where you will be able to spy the vibrant, flower-strewn valleys this area of Tenerife is well-known for. As well as providing an insight into the culture of Spain, Tenerife is also perfectly situated for all year sunshine, so you can head to Garachico at any time of the year. Thanks to the ever-present sun, the island has seen something of a revival when it comes to Canarian wine and you can find plenty of picturesque vineyards further afield. Make sure you head to Icod de los Vinos if you’re seeking local legend, however. Spending your Garachico holidays here will mean seeing the Ancient Dragon Tree – a tree that has supposedly grown for over a thousand years.