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Gorgeous Glastros

A suburb of Mykonos Town, Glastros is situated closely to a number of popular beaches on the south side of the island. Great transport links mean you will never be far away from the action in Greece, Glastros holidays provide a unique setting in which to enjoy the friendly atmosphere found in and around Mykonos. The colourful village sits on the shoreline where some of the best beaches around are only a short walk away. Glastros also lies reasonably close to a number of the livelier resorts on the island, but offers a peaceful serenity where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Great Transport Links

Mykonos Town isn’t too far away and hosts some must-see attractions on your holidays to Glastros such as Little Venice which you can’t afford to miss. Picturesque white coloured houses reflect the sunlight onto the glistening blue water which pushes towards restaurants and bars that sit on the waterfront. Glastros is filled with a quaint beauty that Mykonos provides. Mykonos flaunts an energetic style which is hard to ignore, packed street crowds and lively beaches both contribute to the relentless party atmosphere that encapsulates the region. Cavo Paradiso and Moni Club are just two of the many raving bars where you can go to enjoy a night out on the town during your holidays in Glastros. For a more relaxed holiday, take to the sea for a snorkelling adventure, sunbathe on the soft sands of Paradise Beach and munch on the wonderful seafood which is served at local restaurants.