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Golden Sands Holidays

As legend would have it, the name Golden Sands derives from a tale in which ancient pirates ploughed the coastal land 18km north of Varna, Bulgaria for treasure; upon its discovery, the pirates found not the gold they had expected, but glorious golden sand, as the land had taken its revenge on the bandits.

With its swathes of glistening beaches on the Black Sea, the mythical Golden Sands has since become a famous sunshine spot, with more holidays to Golden Sands becoming popular amongst both tourists and locals alike. The largest resort of the Northern Black Sea coast, the magnificent Golden Sands boasts richly wooded hills, silken beaches and perfect azure water, as well as ancient mineral water springs used by the Thracians and Roman Caesars. These are a welcome break when temperatures hit the 30s, which they often do on resort holidays in Golden Sands.

If you’re thinking Golden Sands holidays are just reserved for sun-worshippers, you’d be mistaken. With Varna – the third largest town in Bulgaria, and the pearl of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – just a fifteen-minute drive away, a huge number of sights are on your doorstep, such as the Zlatni Piasaci Nature Park or the Ladja Monastery. A Golden Sands holiday also promises plenty of great means for recreation, entertainment, sports and spa treatments, so whether you’re looking for relaxing holidays, adventure holidays, or beach holidays in Golden Sands, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

If you’re looking for Balkan holidays where you can unwind in the warm Bulgarian sun, look no further than a holiday to Golden Sands! A paradise for children, or a restful holiday for parents, this stunning resort has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag international ecology prize several times. And, what’s more, it’s only a three hour flight from London! Take a look at our Golden Sands packages below, and you’ll be on your holidays to Golden Sands in no time!

Golden Sands has an abundance of shops, snack bars, pavement cafes and stalls selling all kinds of holiday goods and souvenirs throughout the resort, to ensure you're kept entertained on your holidays to Bulgaria.

After a relaxing day by the beach, or an afternoon spent exploring the sights, why not make the most of the superb Golden Sands nightlife and take advantage of the local cuisines and exquisite cocktails! You might also like to hit the casinos on your holidays in Golden Sands or find a club and spend the evening dancing!

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