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Italy is a holiday destination that needs no introduction. But let’s try anyway. With a reputation that far precedes it as a cultural hub, with some of the finest food, spectacular scenery and decadent lifestyles on the planet all on display, you have an unbeatable amount of options when it comes to an Italian escape in 2020.

With an incredibly diverse number of states and kingdoms, each with their own customs and traditions and a historical heritage that stretches back to 1861, you could visit this beautiful country year after year and never run out of unique places to explore. No longer just about the ruins of the Roman Empire, or for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the Pope in the Vatican, you can also drink in the past in mysterious Venice or sojourn across the azure waters of the Great Lakes with your partner. Whatever you’re after, you’re sure to be wooed by the stunning diversity of this marvellous country. It’s all just a few mere clicks away.