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Lazy Lachania

If you’re looking for undisturbed peace and quiet in an idyllic yet authentic destination, embarking on Lachania holidays is likely to satisfy your cravings. Set on the stunning island of Rhodes at the foot of picturesque mountains, slowly giving way to the blue of the ocean. The gorgeous island of Rhodes is a fantastic arena of Greek traditions, as well as the country’s unrivalled scenic beauty, found in both the dramatic inland landscapes and the predictable allure of the coastline.

Within the charming and traditional Lachania, you’ll discover all these desirable aspects of Greece, from its stunning setting amid tranquil scenery, its pretty traditional houses that populate the village, the panoramic views stretching to the ocean and the friendly smiles of the locals, whether as a stranger on the street or while serving you in a wonderful local restaurant, your holidays to Lachania will be rife with Greek flavour.

Greek Charm and Beach Indulgence

Those that love exploring the great outdoors will find a particular haven in Lachania, providing some fantastic and accessible hiking and mountain biking trails throughout the countryside, allowing a great impression of the make-up of the island of Rhodes, while also exposing visitors to some fascinating sites. The countryside is littered with interesting landmarks, including the Monastery of Virgin Zoodochos which is built upon the site of Roman ruins.

Many will hope to indulge in a little bit of beach bliss during their holidays in Lachania, and the village’s location will ensure it is easy to do so, so make sure you pack your swim gear. The village is a great stepping stone in particular for visiting the beautiful, unfettered beaches found to the south of the island, including the wonderful resort of Gennadi.