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Relax in Lefkimmi

Covered in olive groves, flanked by vineyards and with a view of the breath-taking Mediterranean Sea, you will find yourself in an Ionian paradise during Lefkimmi holidays. As the second-largest town on the stunning island of Corfu, you can find loads of things on offer here, from spending days on end in sandy coves to traversing through the rest of the southern area of island. Closely linked with the party town of Kavos, the long golden stretch of sandy beach along the coast is just a short drive outside of the town and where you’ll no doubt spend most of your time throughout your holidays to Lefkimmi.

Corfu Life

You can find a myriad of hotels and other places to stay on your holidays in Lefkimmi, leaving you more time to worry about which bikini to pack than where to lay your head after a day in the sun. Choose from 4-star resorts with modernity and views to die for, or B&Bs run by Greek families with enough baked sweets and olive oil to convince you to stay in the heart of the town and get to know the locals. A little canal runs through the eastern part of the town, giving the area a picturesque look unique to Greece, while there is always the nearby port town of Molos for those looking for an early start to Ionian island-hopping or heading back to the mainland.

Sun Cream and Souvenirs

Sun, sand and sea are three things you will not miss out on while on Lefkimmi holidays. Lather up the sun cream and bask in the Grecian sun, or get active with some water sports like snorkelling and diving. Head to the salt pans of Lefkimmi, just a hop away from the small village of Alikes or to Corfu Town in the north of the island for a fabulous day and night out on the town, shopping for souvenirs and exploring the city. A walk around the town is not only the best way to get to know Lefkimmi, but its narrow streets, quaint squares and several churches provide ample opportunity for charming holidays snaps - the Old Town is especially romantic and old-worldly. Try to plan your holidays to include the local festival of Panaghia, on the 15th of August, for a wonderful time dancing with yayas until the sun comes up. You’ll find a plethora of cosy cafés and aromatic tavernas to satiate your taste buds during holidays to Lefkimmi, as trying Greek cuisine is more than just an option here; it’s a part of the experience. Dine on keftedes, mouth-watering oregano and mint meatballs, and dolmades, savoury rice stuffed into vine leaves before washing them down with some of island’s local wines.