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Holidays to Limassol

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Limassol is a characterful Cypriot city, which radiates charm and oozes personality from every architectural pore. Take the old town itself, where all squiggly lanes lead to the dinky castle, and where old window-shuttered houses and modern boutiques sit amid a welcoming clutter of cafés, bars and restaurants. Cyprus considers Limassol an important city, not least because it is the country’s main industrial port along the Mediterranean trade route. It’s this geographical vantage point that first ensured that it stood up and got noticed by would-be Limassol holidaymakers - that and an inviting climate of course.

Sunshine, beaches, architecture and food aside, history is one of the other predominant draws in Limassol, a city steeped in archaeological relevance. From the ruined city of Kourion and the site at Amathus to Limassol Castle and the one at Kolossi (which represent two of the greatest Crusader examples), Limassol is certainly an attractive summer holiday destination in 2021.

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Top attractions

Limassol’s ancient castle is well worth a visit when exploring the fascinating and culturally-rich Cypriot city, as is the beautiful marina located in the old town. The 14th century castle has been the temporary home of many a passing conqueror throughout history including the Venetians (who vandalised it), the Ottomans (who gave it a facelift for military use) and indeed the Brits (who used it as a colonial prison). There’s even suggestion that Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria in the chapel of the original castle in 1191.

If you’re one of those Limassol holidaymakers who’s partial to an old ruin, then fear not as a mere 15km away there’s more. Ancient Kourion, with its stunning views of Curium Beach, is also where visitors will discover the historic House of Achilles and Altar of Apollo. The archaeological site has unearthed remains believed to date back to the Middle and Late Bronze Ages. Away from Time Team digs, tourists taking in the sights and sounds of Limassol might also wish to visit the local Saturday markets, while nearby Paphos boasts a stunning coastline with four beaches of its own. Not to mention Coral Bay with its excellent water sports facilities. Alternatively, the stunning setting of Ayia Napa offers holidaymakers much in the way of blissful blue seas, restaurants and, of course, a legendary nightclub scene.



Limassol boasts a sand and shingle beach that’s extremely inviting and makes for an idyllic place to explore. Plus, there’s more choice of beaches in this neck of the Cypriot woods than you could shake a bucket and spade at. Like the soft, golden sands of Governor’s Beach or Akti Olympion Blue Flag beach which is damn near perfect, as well as having a great choice of water sports. Its clear, calm waters (glistening and turquoise in colour) are made for activities such as windsurfing or diving. Just 3km east of Limassol, you’ll happen upon the resort of Dassoudi, complete with its sand-swept beach, restaurant and wide selection of water sports.

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Limassol weather
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