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Holidays to Luxor – Land of the Pharaohs

In view of continued unrest and the evolving political situation in Egypt, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) advise against all travel to the Governorate of North Sinai and all but essential travel to the rest of Egypt except for resorts on the Red Sea in South Sinai and those resorts on the Egyptian mainland in Red Sea governorate (including Hurghada). Please check the DFA website for more information.

Home to countless tombs and staggering architecture that has made Egypt such a desirable destination, Luxor is guaranteed to dazzle. Crammed with the regal residences and resting places of ancient Egyptian kings and queens, holidays to Luxor are a right royal get-together. Once the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes, this is where the pharaohs lived and died and the legacy they left behind is awe inspiring.

With sky-scraping obelisks, lofty statues and labyrinths of soaring, hieroglyph-covered columns, holidays in Luxor won’t fall short of any expectations. Framed by the stunning natural beauty of the desert, Luxor puts you in the middle of a vibrant modern city and comes in one size only - epic.

Things to do in Luxor


With traders competing with each other for customers and relishing a good haggle, shopping in Egypt is like a sport and one of the best things to do in Luxor. The bazaar along Sharia el-Souq is the best place to bag a bargain. If you’re not distracted by the gold jewellery, hand-loomed scarves, exotic glassware and sculptures made from the locally mined alabaster, you’ll arrive at the souk where carts are piled high with spices, meats and local vegetables.


The tangled streets of the lower east bank are crammed with cafes and restaurants. From surf and turf and homemade cheesecake to chicken tagine and shawarma, the gastronomic mix is astounding. Check out the local teas, hibiscus, fenugreek, cinnamon and the local favourite – mint. If you fancy a break from the bustling city, why not hire a car and take a day trip to Hurghada? This popular beach resort is the perfect place to spend some time relaxing after a busy day’s sightseeing. Indulge in some freshly caught seafood at a restaurant with views across the incredible Red Sea.

Luxurious Luxor Holidays

With the decadent and imperialist Old Winter Palace looming on the skyline, Luxor stills scales the heights of opulence, despite being right in the middle of the desert. These days, ultra-modern 5-star resorts demonstrate luxury on even more extravagant scales, while there are plenty of more modest and affordable hotels and guesthouses across the city.

Holidays to Luxor are best spent on the East Bank among the bustling streets and buzzing bars of this vibrant city. The more laid-back and isolated West Bank is the historical heartland, where the temples and tombs are right on the doorstep.

Mummy’s The Word

You’ll struggle to pack in all the archaeological locations during your Luxor holidays, such is the bewildering abundance of monuments and ancient ruins. ‘The most sacred of places,’ the Temple of Karnak is a must-see and easy to reach with a seemingly endless avenue of sandstone sphinxes leading up to it. You’ll hear the eerie voices of the pharaohs themselves at night when the sound and light show bathes the temple in atmospheric colours.

Get up close and personal with the breathtaking beauty of the desert from the saddle of a horse or a camel. With temperatures reaching up to 40C, a dusty day discovering the temples can be hard on the feet. Hot Air Balloons are also on standby for a truly unique glimpse of the ancient sites; definitely make sure you pack your camera!

Afterwards, you’ll have a chance to unwind by the pool or enjoy a glass of traditional shai, the local cuppa, on the Sharia al-Corniche. With its buzzing riverside bars and restaurants, you can watch the Nile flow by and listen to the orchestra of evening river birds. A sunset cruise on a traditional white-sailed Felucca is the perfect way to end your day of sightseeing.