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Holidays to Madeira

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Introducing holidays to Madeira

Those in the know refer to Madeira as the Pearl of the Atlantic or ‘the floating garden’, and if those nicknames don’t conjure images of an island of staggering beauty, we don’t know what will. With the shimmering deep blue waves of the Atlantic visible from any location on Madeira, it is little wonder this amazing archipelago’s reputation precedes it; and with a mild tropical climate the whole year round, it’s perfect for both Winter and Summer trips away. The gorgeous capital city of Funchal on the sun-soaked southern coast is first port of call for many visitors to Madeira; famed for its pristine port, historical monuments and huge amount of shops and restaurants on offer. We’re sure you’ll find your new retreat for 2020 with a holiday on Madeira Island, with cool and humid climes, rugged mountainous landscapes as far as the eye can see and richly diverse vegetation, you’ll feel as if you’re in a tropical paradise; while the neighbouring island of Porto Santo contains endless stretches of golden sand and is famed for its rare unmatched beauty not found anywhere else in the region.



Your guide to Madeira holidays

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Top attractions

Top attractions

Madeira is well known as a sub-tropical Atlantic paradise just 960 KM from the proud capital of Portugal, Lisbon; but the island has a bustling capital of its own in Funchal, which most visitors will want to check out. Set against a jaw dropping background of imposing cloud-kissed peaks on the southern coast of the island; this vibrant city unfurls into rows of hilly steppes and flatter terraces; adding to the stunning landscapes the island is famous for. But Funchal also has cultural and historical delights aplenty to offer its guests including a wide range of historic monuments littered all over its landscapes; from sea forts and holy convents, to a colonial-style cathedral and a number of museums. Breaking up the city’s urban makeup you’ll find bursts of life and colour in the exotic flora and fauna kept within the endless number of gardens and parks spliced into Funchal’s landscapes. Amble through one of the cities numerous daily markets and haggle yourself a bargain on the freshest fruit and seafood on the island before dipping into Old Town for a glimpse into the past... You could even hitch a ride on a cable car to catch a bird’s eye view of it all! 



The vivacious volcanic island of Madeira has an unbeatable warm climate the whole year round and oodles of local Portuguese flavour, but with such a rugged landscape, unfortunately it contains no natural sandy beaches!  Despite comparisons to the Canaries, the island doesn’t contain a sandy coast and the few beaches peppered throughout the mountainous terrain are lined with black basalt stones and pebbles. Fear not! The tourist industry has quickly adapted and the island now boasts a number of stunning artificial beaches made from imported sand; so you’re in luck if you’d been hoping to top up your tan in the depths of winter. However, for a taste of the real deal, you could always get the two-hour ferry north to Porto Santo, which offers the best beaches in the entire archipelago, if not all of Portugal. A sheltered dramatic coastline, sand that feels incredibly soft between your toes and crystal-clear waters all await you here; making Porto Santo a must-visit for day trippers craving their dose of sun, sea and sand.

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Madeira weather

Madeira weather
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