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Magnificent Maiori

A coastal town in southern Italy, Maiori holidays present to you an array of coastal beauty in a traditional setting, serenaded in the sunny rays of the Mediterranean. Much of Maiori’s allure is held in its beautiful scenery, its boat tours and picturesque walks away from the town. Those who wish to see a tranquil side to Italy; an authentic side to the country that many tourists overlook, then this small location will take you seemingly worlds away from the hustle and bustle to sample the country’s passionate flair. Paying attention to fine foods and having created a wealth of artistic architecture, holidays to Maiori showcase the best of what Italy has to offer.

Mountain-clad beaches

Walking around the town itself will introduce you to a number of local shops and a wealth of architectural beauty, but venturing slightly further afield will take you through mountainous pathways and along fauna-sided roads. The beach is another promising venture, allowing holidaymakers to unwind and relax as they watch the gently bobbing boats reach their harboured destination. Corsa Reginna and Lungomare Amendola are the main shopping districts in the town and this is where you can expect to find long-established conventional goods. For an adventurous break, holidays in Maiori can act as the ideal starting point to explore some of the country’s best cities and most well-known regions. Great views will be forever present along the Neapolitan Riviera, providing the ideal route for exploring Italy and seeing what else the country has to offer. Italy’s oldest and third largest city, Naples, is an attractive prospect for those who want to experience culture, history and great food during their time away – said to be one of the most artistic cities in a country that boasts the Sistine Chapel and many other art-inspired landmarks, making Naples a city certainly worth visiting.