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The magic of Mlini

Jet-setting is not just for celebrities anymore – how do you fancy discovering a quaint Croatian village that you just won't be able to get enough of?

An intimate escape awaits you just a short 10 kilometres from Dubrovnik in Croatia. Mlini holidays are just what the doctor ordered to relieve you of the demanding 9-to-5 hustle. Mlini is easily accessible by bus and well connected to nearby islands. A visit to Mlini will still your mind and calm your senses, while touring this serene town will treat visitors to cultural wonder, idyllic beaches and gastronomic indulgence.

Island splendour

Mlini offers visitors several accommodation choices to cater to their every desire. You can choose a room with a harbour view to watch the evening sunset or select a room with a private balcony where you can enjoy a relaxing drink while the crystal blue water glistens below. Mlini feels like a remote destination where you can immerse yourself in its natural beauty, lush vegetation and serene island comforts. You will find the sandy beaches an irresistible delight and tranquil retreat after a day indulging in water sports and exploring the remnants of the old water mills.

Sand and Sea

Mlini offers a warm escape from the blustering rain and snow with a mild Mediterranean climate during the winter months. Summertime in Mlini is a pleasant time to visit this island oasis when you can bask in the sun and relax on the beach to pass the time away. Whenever you choose to visit, you will discover paradise as you explore stunning beaches and delight in walks along the coastline. When touring Mlini, sample local seafood reeled in fresh from the sea and recharge yourself with a frothy cappuccino as you plan the day’s excursions. There are sightseeing options that will satisfy your cultural interests like a visit to the local churches and Roman ruins while the water lover in you can enjoy a day of sailing, windsurfing and diving. As the sun goes down, Mlini cools off with a low-key nightlife where you can relish in the peaceful and quiet evening as you reflect on the events of the day.

Marvel at Mlini

There are many discoveries to behold during your Mlini holiday. The ancient Roman settlers understood the pristine beauty of this coastal treasure and the Romans remnants are worthy of a trip. During your visit to Mlini, uncover what it has in store for you below the water’s surface with a daytime dive to explore reefs and caves, or transport yourself to the medieval period with a trip to the 15th century Church of St. Hilarius and the historic Chapel of St. Roch. There are many activities and sightseeing attractions to treat your mind and body. The local restaurants serve up Dalmatian dishes to thrill your taste buds while the Adriatic waters crash softly on the coastline in the background. Holidays in Mlini will appease your soul and entice your passions while you allow your mind drift away to sea. You will never want to leave this blissful hideaway.