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Monastir Holidays

History abounds in Monastir, one of Tunisia's most ancient settlements. Tunisia is a melting pot of Mediterranean and North African cultures, and as such the history of Monastir is a colourful mix of Roman, Punic and Arabic. You’ll find mosques, colosseums and museums jostling for space, meaning there’s plenty to see and do when you holiday in Monastir.

Benefiting from a warm Mediterranean climate and friendly, welcoming locals who are more than happy to give information on their hometown, Monastir is a favourite holiday location for many. If you’re planning a holiday in Monastir, book a luxury hotel with loveholidays.com today! You can find out more about the city below.

The imposing sandstone fortress walls of Forte El Ribat still stand today, and has formed the backdrop for numerous historical films including Jesus of Nazareth and The Life of Brian.

Another impressive structure in Monastir is the Bourghiba Mausoleum, an opulent shrine to the former president Habib Bourguiba. Fine craftsmanship and expensive materials make up the mausoleum – the chandelier in itself is magnificent, and Bourghiba’s personal effects can be seen on display in the exhibition.

The Grand Mosque of Monastir is located next to the Mausoleum, and is an impressive example of Muslim architecture, modelled on the Hammouda Pacha Mosque in Tunis. The capital city of Tunisia is within easy reach from Monastir by boat or on land, and the extensive historical and modern attractions in Tunis are well worth a day-trip for holidaymakers.

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