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Neoclassical Wonder by the Sea

Nafplio has been conquered and reconquered over the years and what remains is a wonderful collection of neoclassical buildings overlooking beautiful cobbled streets. It is said to be one of Greece’s most romantic destinations with an abundance of historical artefacts that will leave you with a lasting impression of Nafplio’s past. Built mainly on a peninsula that juts out into the Argolic Gulf, Nafplio is a town that has survived a torrid past and lived to tell the tale. Couple all this with some lovely Greek beaches and some welcomed Greek weather and your holidays in Nafplio will be perfect

Where to Stay

Nafplio Holidays provide you with a great choice of places to stay. There are many wonderful luxury hotels situated on the main peninsula overlooking the sea to the west of the town. Many people book a room with a view over the island fort at Bourtzi, which is truly spectacular. The majority of the main hotels are in this area but there is a good selection of apartments and guest house accommodation available both here and in the surrounding area, usually within 1km of the town centre.

A Walk Through the Ages

There is so much to see during your holidays in Nafplio and often the best way to do this is by foot as it is possible to go from one end of town to the other in around 20 minutes. Along the front of the port there are numerous bars and restaurants that allow you to gaze out over the ocean and across the gulf. The local food is primarily traditional Greek cuisine, but with seafood in abundance, the menus tend to have an aquatic flavour. Throughout the old town there are many tavernas and cafes that will mean you’ll be spoilt for choice during your Nafplio holidays. Nafplio is also home to a number of museums that showcase archaeology, folklore, distilleries, traditional Greek beads and a museum dedicated to the history of war in the area. In July and August it gets pretty hot with temperatures averaging around 32C. Many people feel more comfortable in Spring or Autumn when the sun is still out but the temperature is down to a more manageable average of 22C.

Out and About in Nafplio

Visit the truly amazing spectacle that is the theatre at Epidaurus. With its limestone seats designed with perfect acoustics in mind, it is possible to hear a match being struck on the stage from fifty rows back! A beautiful and inspiring experience.

Walk the wonderful Arvanitia Promenade that stretches from the pier in the west to Arvanitia Square and watch the sun go down over the mountains across the seascape.

Climb the 999 steps up to the Venetian fortress Palamidi and enjoy the magnificent views over the Argolic Gulf. Also, take a boat trip out to the island fortress of Bourtzi and maybe stumble across one of the festivals that take place there.

Climb the steps through Psaromachalas and enjoy the tiny yet splendid fishermen's houses, the narrow alleys and views over the sea at the higher points.