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Ornamental Oasis

Every picture taken is a postcard in Ocho Rios. A town developed from humble beginnings as a fishing village, Ocho Rios has blossomed into a beautiful flower overhanging the colourful shrub that is Jamaica’s north coast. Ocho Rios holidays convey Caribbean cruise ships effortlessly drifting in and out of the port, providing the perfect way to view Jamaica while soaking up that Caribbean sun so many tourists have come to love. Beautiful settings and cool breezes envelop the senses, creating a calming, laid-back atmosphere to be enjoyed with an ice-chilled glass of authentic Jamaican rum.

Attractions in Ocho Rios

Stuck for ideas when planning your cheap Ocho Rios holidays? Don’t worry, loveholidays.com has plenty of ideas to help you get started!


For a genuinely Jamaican beach experience, Puerto Seco beach is the place to spend your Ocho Rios holidays – there are regularly reggae bands playing! Turtle Beach is always popular with locals but is less crowded with tourists as the cruises tend not to stop here. Great for a quiet day sunbathing.


A swim with dolphins at Dolphin Cove is a once in a lifetime experience, and a perfect addition to your holidays in Ocho Rios. Spend an amazing day horse riding around the Jamaican countryside with Hooves. You can take to the hills or have a ride along the amazing beach.

Sun-Splashed Culture

Hotels in Ocho Rios provide the perfect base from which to explore the quaint little island of Jamaica. With the town sitting at right angles to Kingston and Montego Bay, Ocho Rios forms what can be described as a triangle of tourism including three of Jamaica’s top destinations. Whether you want to venture to the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, or have fun in the sun at Aquasol Theme Park in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios holidays will best situate you among all the action taking place.

Fill the boots of Christopher Columbus, allegedly having first trodden on Jamaican sands in Ocho Rios, Columbus Park acts as a monument to the discovery of one of the Caribbean’s most cultured islands. Gaze over natural wonders such as the exotic green mountainous slopes of the Blue Mountains, as well as seeking refuge among the many historical buildings, Firefly being the former home to playwright Noel Coward.