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Opatija Holidays

The charming little town of Opatija, based on Croatia’s western coast, is truly remarkable, attracting visitors all year round with its mild climate, rich cultural heritage and great selection of fine dining places, and spa hotels to stay in. The town has a long established history of being a popular traveller’s destination – an exclusive seaside resort in the past, Opatija was the vacation spot of choice for the Viennese elite. Even the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I used to spend the winter months over here. Today, the town is admittedly not so exclusive but remains of that golden era can still be found in the face of the stunning Belle époque villas dotted around it. Franz Joseph I Promenade is an ideal place for a romantic stroll, admiring the marvellous villas scattered on the coast – use your time while here and dive in the warm waters of the sea, too!

The pleasant climate in the region allows for average winter temperatures to stay around 10 degrees Celsius, while the summer average is around 25 degrees – this is no resort of extremes at all, Opatija instead offers comfort and tranquil ambiance, allowing its guests to feel welcomed here both winter and summer. The stunning, rocky sea coast makes for splendid views, while the surrounding forests gently embrace this charming town, turning it into an ideal holiday destination. Have a look at our offers for a holiday in Opatija or keep reading bellow for further information on this truly picturesque town!

A gorgeous place worth a visit while here is the little picturesque village of Volosko, based on the northern edge of Opatija – cute narrow alleys in abundance and charming little houses make for the perfect soothing walks in the countryside. Back in Opatija there are plenty of interesting places to visit, too – Villa Angiolina, that now hosts the Croatian Museum of Tourism, is a stunning building boasting Corinthian capitals and geometric floor mosaics. The villa’s gardens are full of plants from around the world and are also the setting of the oldest building in Opatija – the Church of St. Jakov. The Maiden with the Seagull is another must-see, a sculpture erected here in 1956, it has now turned into the town’ symbol.

The Opatija’s abundance of spa hotels, ensures a truly relaxing holiday, while the rich choice of restaurants and cafés are going to compliment your stay even further. Follow up your long walk around the gorgeous promenade with a lunch at one of the many dining places here – no matter if you are after fine dining, or prefer some more modest options, you are going to be spoilt for choice. Opatija offers its visitors pleasant weather all year round, gorgeous scenery mixing the grandeur of the mountains with the sparkling beauty of the sea, and equally as splendid architecture, telling the story of a resort that used to attract Europe’s best. Thankfully today you do not have to spend a fortune in order to stay here – spend your next holiday where Austrian elite used to and do so at a fraction of the price! For a cheap holiday in Opatija browse our offers now and get ready for your next vacation in gorgeous Croatia.