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Holidays to Palermo

from €221 per person

Any airport
Any Date
1 Room
2 Adults
1 Room
2 Adults
7 Nights



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Perfect Palermo

Palermo holidays are the crème de la crème of Sicilian holidays. This world famous destination is an idyllic city where the scent of lemon groves mix with sea salt air and the very best street food in the whole of Italy can be found. Palermo is the place to be if you love fine wine, fabulous food and some incredible architecture. With markets, churches, catacombs, theatres and numerous nightlife options you will fall head over heels in love with the beautiful city of Palermo.

First-class food

You can’t talk about Palermo without talking about food and this is one of the finest areas for sampling true Sicilian delights. The cannoli on offer in Palermo is a dreamy ricotta filled treat that is perfect for enjoying with strong sweet coffee. The street food you can find in the gorgeous paths of Palermo is also some of the best on offer in Sicily. You can pop fried rice balls for lunch and indulge in soft focaccia topped with garden fresh goodies. The wine in Palermo is also top notch and with many chic wine bars you can indulge until the early hours.

Top attractions

Palermo has many beautiful attractions to feast your eyes on. Start your tour of the city at the breathtaking San Giovanni degli Eremiti. The red dome of this building is a cultural icon in the city and well worth a look in. Then of course there is the Palermo Cattedrale to admire the beauty of Moorish and gothic architecture. Inside you can see the crown of Catherine of Aragon and admire the neoclassical style.

Godfather fans will adore Palermo especially when they pay a visit to the Teatro Massimo where one of the most famous scenes is set. Even if you are not a fan of mafia movies you will still fall in love with the largest opera house in Europe and its ornate design. Don’t leave Palermo without checking out Vucciria Market, a bright and bustling market where you can pick up everything from vintage antiques to clothes, souvenirs and other trinkets. The fresh food and mouthwatering fare that spill over the stalls will transport all your senses to heaven.


Palermo holidays are fun and fascinating. You can blend a gorgeous city break with trips to the coast to soak up the sweet Mediterranean sun. See the local sights with the theatres and churches and make sure to sample some of the local cuisine.

Palermo weather

Palermo weather
Avg. Dry Days 16
Avg. Dry Days 14
Avg. Dry Days 17
Avg. Dry Days 17
Avg. Dry Days 17
Avg. Dry Days 18