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Picturesque Paterna

A municipality located in the province of Valencia, the area within and surrounding Paterna is rich in history and allure, providing an interesting and exciting bridge between the city of Valencia and its enchanting surroundings. Paterna holidays are perfect for those seeking a cultural escape which won’t necessarily be met by a huge tourist throng. Outside of the hustle and bustle of Valencia, you’ll still be exposed to authentic and traditional Spanish ideals and legacy that make this area of Spain truly special.

Paterna is home to some fantastic architectural sites, as well as a few archaeological treasures that have recently been uncovered. Besides the typical cultural attractions of a historic Spanish town, you’ll uncover a number of secret allures in and around this fantastic destination, most notably in the lush and adventurous Turia River National Park – adding a sense of countryside escape to your holidays to Paterna.

National Heritage and Beautiful Countryside

Paterna was once a major ceramic production area, producing priceless works that are famed around the world. Many of the world’s best archaeological museums are home to ceramic works from the area, encountered in Barcelona, Paris and London. You can get your very own tour of the ceramic heritage by descending on the engaging Ceramics Museum of Paterna. The charm and character continues as you meander around the old town, discovering wonderful landmarks and sites such as the Church of St. Peter, the Counts of Villapaterna Palace and Capri Theatre.

Throughout your Paterna holidays you’ll discover a number of old, some even ancient, sites that are well worth your time and a slot on your camera. The Tower of Paterna is of Arab origin, acting as a defence building to the city, while recently a Roman villa was excavated – another sign of the area’s rich history.

Paterna is also located extremely conveniently if you fancy taking a daytrip into the nearby city of Valencia. Here you can indulge in some fantastic Spanish cuisine – the paella here is particularly good – and marvel at the city’s wonderful landmarks, most notably the towering cathedral and the mesmerising City Hall. You can even go as far as adding a cheeky beach break vibe to your trip by descending on the sandy treats of the Costa de Valencia.