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Paradisiacal Pelekas

Pelekas represents your image of a quintessential Corfu village, hanging in the hills above the azure blue ocean, embarking on Pelekas holidays will allow you to live out your Greek island fantasy, equipped with idyllic beach, wonderful cuisine and plenty of local smiles. Located at the centre of the west coast of the island of Corfu, Pelekas takes advantage of the warm and calm Ionian Sea, as well as a verdant and removed location in the hills of Corfu.

Pelekas is popular as an escape for holidaymakers looking to indulge in the scenic beauty and tranquil character of the island, whether enjoyed on the soft sand beside the lapping water, or from a village taverna overlooking the gorgeous coastline as you munch on traditional grub – all appealing aspects of your holidays to Pelekas.

Blissful Beach and Village Life

The beach is located just a 10-minute stroll from the centre of the village, and you’ll be forgiven for basing much of your day around the soft sand. In fact, you can spend the whole day on the beach given the facilities. A line of tavernas will keep you fed and watered, sunbeds will give you somewhere to kip, while a range of water sports will keep you active and entertained in the Greek sunshine.

10 minutes back into the olive tree-laden hills, you’ll discover the core of the village – a quintessential Greek village scene to add to your holidays in Pelekas. Narrow streets, charming tavernas, orthodox churches and a pretty town square characterise Pelekas, all the while offering beautiful views of the ocean and easy access to the verdant countryside of Corfu.