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Sedate Greek Island Experiences

Petra holidays are all about rest and relaxation, something that comes easily in this tranquil village with its beautiful beach.

Situated on the island of Lesbos just off the west coast of Turkey, this Greek island will satisfy all of your European sunshine desires. Many people choose to stay in Molyvos, home to the island’s premier tourist attractions, but holidays in Petra allow you to escape the crowds, while keeping you in close proximity to the rest of Lesbos’ most interesting attractions.

Heading on a break to Greece will naturally bring you face-to-face with ancient wonders and equally wondrous weather. You’ll enjoy all of this and more with a trip to the serene coast, with a bustling culinary scene, stunning vistas and many water-based activities all part and parcel of this beautiful destination.

The Beautiful Beach

The prime attraction of Petra holidays is definitely the beautiful stretch of beach that fronts the charming village. Reflecting that of a resort beach, you’ll be greeted by umbrellas, beach chairs, showers and changing rooms, while just off the water you’ll be backed by a line of alluring restaurants and bars serving cold drinks and tasty local cuisine. You’ll enjoy great views of the coastline from the village, especially if you stay in one of Petra’s hotels that boast views of the ocean.

If you find that you’d like a little bit of variety and a change from Petra Beach, heading south along the coast will bring you to the tiny village of Anaxos. Here you’ll find a another resort-style beach with even more attractive restaurant and bar possibilities, while for an extra peaceful experience, seek out the small beach at Avlaki and sip a beer in the charming restaurant that adorns the beachfront.

Leaving the Sand Behind

If you fancy a break from the beach during your holidays to Petra, you’ll find a number of things to do in and around the village that will satisfy culture vultures and those looking to embrace some Greek tradition. One of the biggest attractions in the village is the towering Church of Glykfylousa Panagia. The village is built around a large rock mountain, and it is upon this mountain that the church is situated, offering stunning views of the sprawling ocean as well as exposing you to colourful 16th century wall paintings.

Within the village you’ll find Vareltzidaina’s House, a 17th century Turkish merchant’s house which has been renovated and opened up to the public. The house is full of interesting and dated ornaments from a previous time, while some of the artistic decoration that adorns the house is stunning – a great way to duck inside and out of the heat which can easily reach into the 40s in the summer months.