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A Journey in Time

One of Italy’s most famous attractions, this ruined ancient Roman city provides a captivating journey back in time to a city that thrived before its destruction in AD 79 at the hands of Mount Vesuvius – the neighbouring volcano that still towers above the ruined houses and charred arches that punctuate the cobbled streets of Pompeii.

Pompeii holidays are an endless adventure full of excitement and discovery, and it is best encountering this ancient city of Italy with a specialised guided tour for a whole day, allowing you to delve into the mysteries, secrets and splendour of this ancient wonder of the Campania region.

Ancient City of the Romans

There are a number of sites to tick off during the tour of your holidays in Pompeii, but it is best to begin by wandering some of the mesmerising and characteristic streets of the ruined ancient city. The ruined houses on either side provide an insight into life in the Roman city, and the House of Vettii and the House of Faun boast particularly interesting tales. Entering the Pompeii Forum and absorbing its extravagance will cast doubts as to whether you can explore the entire complex, but with a good guide book or local tour operator you will be fine.

Look out for the grand old Amphitheatre, the towering Pompeii Basilica and the captivating Temple of Apollo if you’re after some particularly impressive encounters. Once you feel you’ve discovered as much of Pompeii as you can, pay a visit to the hustle and bustle of neighbouring Naples or alternatively cruise down the Amalfi Coast and soak up some sunshine on the beach.