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Paradisiacal Pylos

Set upon the southern end of a beautiful bay in the Greek Peloponnese, those choosing to embark on Pylos holidays will find themselves thrown into a land of discovery and beauty, boasting immense history and culture, sitting beside the typical allure of a Greek beach getaway. Recognised as one of the most picturesque destinations in the whole of the Peloponnese, Pylos attracts both culture vultures and beach bums, both in search of a haven of somewhat contrasting forms.

This however, is the beauty of Pylos, its diversity and variety attracts all manner of holidaymakers, from those looking to discover the heritage of Greece to those looking to discover the area’s glistening shores. From castles and caves to bays and beaches, the city’s range of attractions fails to waiver, ensuring your holidays to Pylos are a captivating affair from the moment you land on these remarkable shores to the moment you leave.

Historical Discovery and Beach Indulgence

Pylos is perhaps most famous for being the setting of the Battle of Navarino, a conflict that took place from the bay in 1827, witnessing the sinking of 53 ships and killing 6000 men – a decisive moment in the War of Independence. Today the area is home to a somewhat more peaceful atmosphere, it is hard to imagine a battle taking place in the calm and pristine waters of the bay. This becomes even harder once you settle on the beaches that line this stunning stretch of coastline, whether you choose Romanos Beach, Mati-Bouka Beach or Gargaliani Beach, those looking to exercise their inner beach bum during their holidays in Pylos will have the sun, sand and sea on their minds throughout.

If you’re not one for sitting still on the sand and fancy exploring the heritage of Pylos, make sure you check out the town’s two castles, the ‘New’ Venetian Castle and the ‘Old’ Venetian Castle of Pylos, both intriguing sites that provide a nod to Pylos of old. Nestor is another intriguing place to explore during your time around Pylos, home to the Palace of Nestor and the fascinating Cave of Nestor, all found just 5km north of the town. If you’re after a touch of luxury during your Pylos holidays, pop in to the resort of Costa Navarino, famed for its fantastic golf scene.