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Revitalising Rabac Holidays

A couple of centuries ago, this was but the teensiest of fishing hamlets, a few houses clustered near the shore. Today, Rabac isn’t all that much bigger, but this also means it remains gloriously unspoilt. Its lush and abundant vegetation provides an emerald backdrop to the Adriatic-lapped beach where local fishermen have hauled in their catches for hundreds of years. Blissfully calm and far from the incessant noise of the city, Rabac holidays are perfect for those seeking relaxation but, with charmingly medieval Labin just a few minutes away, there’s no shortage of history and culture to be had too.

Things to do in Rabac

Things to do in Rabac don’t just end at the beach, as heavenly as just soaking in the sun and the stunning scenery is. Venture into the surrounding area, though, and you can find some of the greatest attractions in the region.

Hop on a boat to Krk, and spend a day exploring one of the Adriatic’s biggest and most beautiful islands. It boasts a picture-postcard beauty with its fresh-scented pine-forests and sprinkling of little towns, classically Dalmatian with their white walls and characteristic orange tiled roofs. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, head for the smaller island of Kosljun, where a Franciscan monastery sits on the ruins of an ancient Roman villa.

The mesmerising Postojna Caves is another top attraction, formed by the Pivka River over millions of years, the warren-like complex of caves, brimming with stalagmites, stalactites, and vibrantly colourful rock formations, is the second-longest in Croatia. One part of the area is large enough to double as a concert venue, and has previously hosted performances by full symphony orchestras.

As a world class destination, there are plenty of things to do in Rabac, and you could easily spend a week exploring its alleyways and canals without getting bored, but Venice is tantalisingly close by. Particularly if you’ve never been before, give in to the urge and visit one of the most beautiful, culturally fascinating places on the planet.

Something for Everyone

Despite its small size, Rabac benefits from a fantastic selection of accommodation. From all inclusive hotels to self-catering, Rabac holidays have something for every taste. If you’ve got kids in tow, checking yourself into a spacious apartment is a great option, and being mostly dotted along the water’s edge, they boast gorgeous sea views and provide easy access to the beach. If you’re looking for a slice of relaxation, one of the hotels boasting their own stretch of coastline will provide you with all you need.

Natural Beauty

Undoubtedly, the best thing about Rabac holidays is the sand, the sea, and the natural gorgeousness of this still-unspoiled slice of the Istrian peninsula. Families will love the choice of beaches on offer, with Girandella Beach, St Andrea Beach and Laterna Beach standing out as both the most beautiful and the most popular with visitors. Wether you want to swim in it, dive under it, sail on it or just bask in its beauty from the shore, the warm, dazzlingly blue Adriatic Sea will cater to all your aquatic needs.

Back on dry land, the varied Istrian terrain makes Rabac and the surrounding countryside ideal venues for more energetic pursuits. Hiking and biking are made all the more enjoyable thanks to stunning views of both ocean and dense pine forests while history and culture can be found in nearby Labin, home to 11th century churches, a baroque palace and numerous cultural relics. As a town that was once ruled by Venice, there are plenty of intriguing sights to seek out; look out for statues and carvings of lions, the symbol of the Venetian empire.

Thanks to the mild coastal climate, Rabac holidays are great all year round. Winters are mild, summers are soaked in Mediterranean sunshine, while the slightly cooler spring and autumn seasons are perfect for those who don’t like it too hot.