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Sunshine in Samos

Boasting fantastic beaches, a rich cultural heritage and rolling, forested hills, it is no surprise that Samos has received so much attention in recent years. The island of Samos is fast becoming one of the most popular island destinations in the Aegean, not just for its reputation throughout Greece or its convenient proximity to Turkey for travellers, but for all that Samos holidays offer. The idyllic island getaway is said to be the birthplace of the Greek goddess Hera and was the home of one of ancient Greece’s most famous philosophers, so it’s only fitting to find culture scattered throughout holidays in Samos.

Aegean Allure

This seductive Greek island is perfect for families wanting to spend a relaxing break together, and couples looking for a romantic retreat. The capital of Pythagorion is most likely where you’ll begin your Aegean adventure; it’s brimming with ancient culture on every corner and home to stunning beaches. Vathy is another popular town for holidays in Samos, and it is here you will find the highest concentration of resort-style attractions, which include a great selection of shops, bars and restaurants. Karlovasi on the northern coast of Samos is a perfect place to explore the rest of the island, or tour the nearby islands of Ikaria and Fourni.

Seductive Seas and Culture

Though not the largest of all the Greek islands – that title belongs to Crete – Samos leaves its visitors spoilt for choice with all its stunning sights and exciting things to do. The island boasts a superb range of fine, golden beaches, and the warm waters of the Aegean provide the perfect conditions for swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling. Culture lovers who want to travel back to an ancient world find comfort in Samos; the island has several museums and plenty of archaeological sites to explore! Those interested in uncovering the culture and history of the island while on Samos holidays can visit fascinating ancient sites, such as the Sanctuary of Hera, and the grand monument dedicated to the legendary mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras – also the guy who invented that lovely maths theorem we all unfortunately remember. Samos is known for its cuisine, and seafood in particular is something of a delicacy here as it is an island. The towns on Samos also offer a good choice of nightclubs, theatres and casinos, although not as many as you will find on some of the other islands like Rhodes, Mykonos or Zante.

Out and About in Samos

If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of things to do in Samos and don’t know where to start, consider the capital. Right along the harbour is the Castle of Lykourgos Logothetis, built in 1824 in commemoration of the 1821 War of Independence and a lovely hilltop spot to gaze across the channel east to Turkey or west towards the setting sun. Also in Pythagorion is the epic Evpalinos Tunnel, built in 524 BC by the then leader Polycrates to source drinking water; it’s just over a kilometre long and nothing to scoff at. The harbour of Vathy is home to the island’s Byzantine Museum which contains artefacts of gold and silver, manuscripts, and other items from the 13th century. Go further back in time on Samos holidays to the Archaic Period of Greece with a visit to the Ireon, Hera’s sanctuary that is currently being excavated. Pay a visit to what remains of the temple and stoa, as well as ruins of a 5th century church.