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Discover Sao Vicente

Perched on the north of one of Portugal’s most beautiful islands is Sao Vicente; every holiday maker's dream destination.

Blessed with surf-friendly beaches and a dry tropical climate the temperature on this haven rarely dips below 14C – even the water year round varies between 22-25C meaning you can always have a warm dip in the ocean. With a skyline of mountains and a soundtrack of lively Verdean music you could easily be forgiven for extending your stay here. Join a walking tour of the island, relax on blissful beaches of resplendent beauty or wander around the markets for some souvenirs to take home – your stay here is guaranteed to please.

Things to do in Sao Vicente

Swimming and surfing at pebble beach you will find the waves are calm, making perfect conditions for beginners, while if you are seeking fast hollow waves head down to Ponta do Sol. For a more relaxed holiday, top up your tan with a visit to the solarium; here you can catch some rays and relax in the tropical sun. Spice things up and take a stroll along the 620-metre promenade that laps around the shore – an excellent place for some light exercise.

The Sao Vicente caves are a must for any visitor, created by a volcanic eruption these fascinating passageways provide a history of the island. Another must-visit location is the Capela de Sao Vicente - a 17th century church built into the rock.

Picturesque getaways

The small town of Sao Vicente is set in one of the most picturesque of places, found at the north of the island between the valleys which were created by a volcanic eruption. You can even explore a system of tunnels that the volcano has created. For active holidaymakers, check out the beach for some awesome surf options off the pebble beach as well as a variety of water sports. Take a long walk around the area, absorbing the scenery and appreciating the newly-restored village centre – truly one of the most stunning places in Madeira to visit.

Explore Sao Vicente

Surfing is a big part of the draw to Sao Vicente and the waves have a reputation for providing easy-going conditions for those beginning to learn.

Explore the volcanic tunnels in Sao Vicente that were created from an eruption over 400,000 years ago in the Volcanism Centre. This unique chance to gain insight into the history of Madeira is not to be missed and takes approximately 30 minutes to view. Those interested in geology will be fascinated by the walk through the natural passageways of lava accumulations and see how the island came to be.

There are plenty of places to explore in Sao Vicente with a solarium to ensure you get that all important tan, a quaint promenade that is perfect for people watching and many beautiful old churches to explore. One of the more popular churches was built into a basalt block in the 17th century at the mouth of the river. This is highly considered a symbol of the Sao Vicente townships and is rumoured to be the place where a saint is said to have appeared.