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Stunning Setubal

The district of Setubal encompasses magnificent mountain ranges, gold-tinted beaches and vibrant natural vegetation, all combining to make holidays to Setubal a truly picture-perfect and memorable experience.

Along the eastern coast of Portugal, the Lisbon Coast, Setubal manages to amalgamate historical heritage with natural beauty, while mixing in a much needed dose of the famed Portuguese culture. It will come as no surprise that there is plenty to do in this district, as well as satisfying a large variety of tastes, this district provides all of the ingredients for an incredible time away during your Setubal holidays.

Discover the Bottlenose Dolphins

Those who have visited aquariums and sea life centres around the globe will surely have come across the remarkably intelligent creatures that are bottlenose dolphins, but very few have been fortunate enough to visit the natural habitats or playgrounds these animals make their homes. Setubal will perfectly situate you to explore the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, a mammoth of natural potential covering 57,000 acres, where you can watch colonies of dolphins leap out of the waters towards the sky before gravity does its work and brings them back down to Earth with a splash. Among marshier areas you will find the ostentatious flamingo, hungry herons and majestic storks, all playing their part in the cycle of life.

Besides the natural splendour you’ll also have your pick of historical sites to entertain yourselves with; Palmela isn’t too far away and is best known for its towering castle, standing tall this castle will supply scintillating views across the coast of Portugal, beautiful views which engulf the many estuaries and mountainous regions nearby, whereas a visit to Almada will allow you to bathe in the summer sun. Blissful golden beaches await the family and are sure to drain the tensions and troubles from your mind as you continue to enjoy your Setubal holidays.