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Stunning Siracusa

Escape to Siracusa and enjoy a holiday that’s filled with adventure, beaches and plenty of sun!

Nestled in a corner of the Mediterranean island of Sicily, Siracusa’s origins date back to the ancient Greeks. Basking in the Italian sun, the region enjoys hot and dry summers and a breathtaking coastline along the Ionian Sea.

Along with its outstanding natural, cultural and architectural beauty, modern times have provided a variety of superb hotels and other amenities, ensuring that, whatever you want from a holiday to Siracusa, the city will provide in spades.

Siracusa – Sicily’s ancient capital

The city’s prime location means blue skies and mild winters are commonplace meaning it is always a good time to visit Siracusa. Widely considered to be some of the best examples of Baroque, Greek and Roman architecture, wonders like the classical Greek Theatre and Fountain of Arethusa will provide fantastic and memorable experiences, no matter your age. There’s also a stunning stretch of coastline to take advantage of - soak up the sun and unwind into a state of pure relaxation on one of the beaches. Those wanting to stray from the beaten track can seek solitude in the magnificent Temenites hills and their quarry cave ‘latomìe’ or the various inner city piazzas teeming with local energy and vibrancy, from dusk till dawn.

A diverse ancestry

The role Siracusa played in European history meant it has been a melting pot of trade, design and culture where the Mediterranean Sea provides a wondrous backdrop for explorers and adventurers alike. Take a day to relax on the local beaches and soak up the Italian sun or visit some of the clubs, bars and restaurants in the city and along the coast for a taste of Siracusa nightlife and fine food.

Sicilian food takes great inspiration from its varied ancestry and delights in its wonderful climate and proximity to the sea – the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and surf is served right onto your plate. Exquisite seafood and pasta dishes are the order of the day, while more adventurous tastes can opt for the areas speciality, sea urchin. Siracusa’s locals have always been warm and welcoming to visitors and today’s residents are no different, creating wonderful and unique experiences for everyone.