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Seaside Sitia

Seemingly far removed from the more touristy parts of Crete, holidays to Sitia have an elegant and friendly charm which is encapsulated by the people, as well as being the perfect location to explore and discover the essence of this wonderful island. A long stretch of beach provides the sandy lining to this little seaside town which peers out past the calmly bobbing boats, towards the delightfully blue Mediterranean Sea. Sitia’s location on the island of Crete means that hiring a car is the perfect way to get around and see the sights, while basing yourself in a friendly atmosphere in Sitia.

Explore and Discover

A good place to start your holidays in Sitia would be the little harbour that perches on the shoreline, home to a number of restaurants and tavernas, with a humble view of colourful fishing boats; the harbour is a relaxing environment where you can purchase reasonably priced food that has been sourced locally. Once you’ve had your fill, why not take a stroll along the promenade or through Vai forest, Greece’s largest natural palm forest? The Gorge of the Dead may sound more daunting than it is, but this isn’t a place where hikers leave their bones. The gorge is a hidden gem of natural beauty and has a rich history from which it has obtained its gruesome name. Ancient Minoans used to bury those who had passed away in the caves that hide themselves around the steep cliffs, making this gorge a must-see for any adventurous tourist when away on Sitia holidays. Take a drive along the coastline and you’ll most likely reach Agia Fotia, a quiet stretch of beach which is perfect for sun-bathing.