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Spectacular Sparti

In the heart of the Peloponnese you will find Sparti, set among a widespread expanse of natural growth, this historical site showcases a myriad of ancient ruins, statues and museums for a truly authentic Greek feel. Sparti holidays are steeped in history, and while its geographical neighbour, Mistras, remains more popular with tourists, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make the quiet ruin-strewn town your next holiday destination. Sparti is perfect for anyone looking to get back in touch with Ancient Greece, whether you’re looking to peruse structures from a bygone era, meander across forgotten stone walkways, now overcome with nature, or try out some of the local cuisine – the common recipes having lasted for centuries.

A Field of Ruins

As you make your way around the surrounding landscape of the Peloponnese during you holidays to Sparti, you’ll be sure to come across time-forgotten treasures of another age, in particular you will find the Acropolis and Ancient Theater, remnants of what used to be central to entertainment in the region, while walking further afield will lead to the discovery of the Temple of Artemis Orthia, the remains of which hide among yellow flowers and wind-swept trees. Elsewhere in the town sits museums and artefacts, the most notable being the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil, the Archaeological Museum of Sparti and Statue of Leonidas, a spectacle for anyone who’s into their stone carvings and sculptures. Holidays in Sparti are also often spent making tracks towards Mistras, a famed site in Greece for its wonderfully preserved stone castle – climbing towers and walking fortifications being an adventurous child’s dream.